OnePlus 7 Pro vs Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus OnePlus 7 Pro vs Galaxy S10+ Speed 1 day ago   10:21

OnePlus 7 Pro vs Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus: A comparison of specs, cameras, battery, price, and more. Which Smartphone do YOU think wins in 2019?

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Mario Koti
In the end
Wich is better?
I'm interested only in multimedia
Agent piggles
Literally the whole video was him using the phones over like a river
Thuva Thurairajah
Samsung wins this. OnePlus used to be good but their prices have gone way up.
One plus: 90Hz and no notch
Samsung: slightly superior image quality
I would say DRAW

Software(my opinion)
One plus: Faster
Samsung: i like its aspect more
I would say One Plus

Camera: Samsung
Battery: I would say DRAW
Price: Depending on the country. In my they are about the same

If Samsung uses exynos then One plus(just to say a winner. It doesnt matter that much anyway)
If Samsung uses Snapdragon then DRAW
I would say One plus(beacuse the software helps it more,but as i said it doesnt matter that much. Performance is the last of the concerns when buying a flagship in 2019)

S10 has micro sd card( no.big deal)
S10 has 3.5mm jack(no big deal)
But its nice to have them if you realy want them but i think you can live without them.

TOTAL: i am a samsung fan since 2012 and this year is no exception.
For me i would say samsung
But you cant really go wrong with one plus either.
Buy the first you can. You will love it anyway
mohit josan
Anirban Bhattacharya
It doesn't have headphone jack ....Is it true ....Lol....Then we have to connect with bluetooth earphones ??
Marcin Niedzielski
Judging by the comments most of you are horribly biased and I bet a huge percent of you haven't used a 1+ even once - it's insane what you get for the money and how fast, easy to use and practical it is. I bought 7 Pro only because I dropped and broke my 6 but otherwise I would have sat on the OnePlus 6 for the next 3-4 years easy. No bloatware, and fastest updates after Pixel. Oxygen OS is insanely good. The reason people are behind Samsung just like Apple is because it's a status thing, compensating for your insecurities by showing other people you can afford an overpriced phone lol - once you let go of your ego you can appreciate a smart buy that any 1+ is.
every time he has the phones on top of water I have a mental breakdown
Link SSZ
Blackshark 2 hardly thermal throttles and scores 410k+ on antutu, it whoops both of these and the pro version goes into the 500k+ mark.
What is that game name at 3:00
Umesh Pasayat
Camera qulaty on samsung is best all ph that a not
Arnavaparnadeepak Gupta
i say samsung s10plus
beter quality
Anish Bhola
as much as i love oneplus as a company, OP7Pro feels like a failed product.
Just like John from Front Page Tech I'm so sick and tired of these non-essential tech stuff who gives a flying F if it has table wable!! Why does that matter? Who cares if it is slightly thicker! Who just who is asking for thinner phones? I know I am not...
yashraj elevators
How much oneplus 7 pro is secured as compared to Samsung and Apple
And not only in unlocking but otherwise
Xx ds9 xx
Biast u just like samsung more.
Marcin Wasilewski
Great video
russell xen
One plus 7 pro best
tom lewis
Everything perfect, but it’s a no go for me since there isn’t any waterproofing.
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OnePlus 7 Pro vs Galaxy S10+ Speed OnePlus 7 Pro vs Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus 1 day ago   13:27

OnePlus 7 Pro vs Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus Speed Test, Battery Life, Camera Test & Speakers!

OnePlus 7 Pro Amazon USA price (affiliate):
Galaxy S10+ Amazon USA price (affiliate):

Test covers boot up, specs, battery life, games (Fortnite, PUBG), Chrome, benchmarks (Geekbench), fingerprint scanners, multitasking, front selfie camera, rear camera, camera speed, and more! The S10+ is the Snapdragon 855 variant.

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