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Actress Lauren London was thrust into the spotlight when her partner, Grammy-nominated artist Nipsey Hussle, was murdered in March 2019. The very private mom of two has opened up a bit as she grieves, but there's a lot you may not know about the slain rapper's girlfriend.

Since 2013, Lauren London has been known partially as Nipsey Hussle's TV star girlfriend, but he wasn't the first rapper that the actress called her beau. According to Bossip, there were rumors that London got engaged to Lil' Wayne in 2007, but she didn't confirm the fact until years later in an interview with Skin Deep author Kathleen Cross:

"We tried more than once to revive it, and we were engaged briefly years ago, but we eventually parted ways."

The actress reportedly first met Lil' Wayne when she was 15 years old, and contrary to popular belief, they didn't have a one-night stand. The pair did have a child, but worked hard to protect him from the public eye.

Watch the video for more about the untold truth of Nipsey Hussle's girlfriend!

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Formerly engaged to Lil' Wayne | 0:17
Almost cast in 'Notorious' | 0:55
She struggles with fame | 2:01
Auditioning for ATL | 2:49
Nipsey slid into her DMs | 3:27
An enduring romance | 4:06

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Latoya Bention
Who wrote this horrible article? I don't listen to rap music and the only reason I even knew who Nipsey was is because he was dating Lauren London. They also showed all kinds of clips from The Game but never once mentioned the show.
You only know Lauren because of ATL ....what other films that she played in were breakout films ? None!

Watch her blow up now
Franchesca Zamora
She was famous before him I hate white people sometimes y’all need to stay out of our culture
Franchesca Zamora
I’m sorry she can’t act no way in hell she was playing faith
JRM Media
She sacrifice Nipsey basically.
Evelyn James
To be honest I didn't know who Nipesy or Lauren London was until of his passing may he RIP
perry porter
She's Lil Wayne's baby Mama
Crystal LovingGolden Dean
She’s never struggled with fame
N IsReal Terese
Good for her ....she still played a part in his death
Jay D
I knew about Lauren London before I even heard of Nipsey RIP! Like the guy below says, you’re reaching lol what’s her ex Lil Wayne got to do with shit!
KillEm Kastilano
Her bow? 😂😂😂 man yall vultures stay tryn eat off the culture smh we gotta start boycottin these YouTube channels
Curtistine Miller
Lauren London had a career and was already known long before Nippsey,She's made her mark....
Real muscle cars
Nips was really ugly though 😂 didn't have the charm like 2pac did
So pretty yet so reserved lol
Min röst gäller
Hahahahahhaha 🤣🤣🤣 now shes single, nipsey left her heartbroken.
“Nipsey Hussle’s girlfriend”? STOP!! She a whole actress y’all just called it that for views smh
dees nuts
This Pakistan brother fooled everyone he definitely not dead. They wanted to see if they could call marital law if there be riots yeah people say he did gd things for the hood NO he said gd things to the hood on video telling poor folk in the hood to buy back there hood yeah sound gd but with what fucking money most people already with bad credit. This shit amaze me he rich as fuck buying a store in his hood that HE made money off. On top of that glorifying gang culture like yeah we from Cali bla bla bla etc. When young kids see that its like yeah need to get down need to be down cause shit look cool but the shit not cool. All im saying is these idols anit shit. Just think dude had like 14 million dollars with that being said how many homeless did he take off the street how many homes did he buy back in that community an give the titles to the tenant. Cause there is a vast difference in saying something gd then actually doing something gd. Cause you can speak gd words all u want but actions are louder that words.
Leticia Tejada-Espino
*She Has A Name.*
The Title Should’ve Been The Untold Truth Of *Lauren London*
She Has A Name. Use It.
JeffDavis Ent
She a rapper groupie
I knew her from atl hoe change the title
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The Untold Truth Of The Late Cameron The Untold Truth Of Nipsey Hussle's 1 day ago   11:45

On July 6th, 2019, Cameron Boyce passed away in his sleep following a seizure. He was only 20 years old. He left behind a legion of adoring fans, friends, and famous collaborators, many of whom spoke of his sterling character.

Best known for his work on the Disney Channel, Cameron Boyce starred in the sitcom Jessie alongside Debby Ryan for four years, from 2011 to 2015. The same year Jessie ended, he played Cruella de Vil's son Carlos in the Disney Channel's TV movie Descendants.

The film was an instant success, and the sequel drew a whopping 21 million viewers across 6 networks, according to Deadline. He'll also be featured in Descendents 3, which is set to premiere on August 2nd, 2019.

Boyce had started taking on more adult roles, like his turn in the upcoming indie thriller Runt. He'll also appear in the upcoming HBO comedy Mrs. Fletcher, starring Kathryn Hahn. In a statement, Hahn told People:

"Cameron was a beautiful person who showed in the brief time our paths crossed a deep generosity and decency that belied his 20 years of age."

And it's true: Boyce was so much more than your average Disney Channel star. He always sought to lead with compassion and leaves behind a legacy of charity work.

Watch the video for more about The Untold Truth Of The Late Cameron Boyce.

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Born to perform | 0:16
His first big break | 1:20
Becoming a Disney Channel star | 2:29
Proud to be biracial | 3:34
A brotherly bond | 4:11
Working with Adam Sandler | 5:43
He went to a regular high school | 6:38
His relationship with fame | 7:15
Dancing was his first love | 8:08
Going into isolation | 9:00
His charity work | 10:00

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