The Dangerous World Of Ayahuasca | Foreign White Gold: Discovering Bhutan's 2 days ago   29:10

ABC News (Australia)
Thousands of travellers are flocking to the Amazon to chase the highs of the ayahuasca plant.

Tragically, some never return.

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Fall off the Map
I guess saying he was Tobacco killed him wasn't sensational enough for the title of this video. Dishonest journalism.
Qura Handall
Whoever has a drugs business (aya not included) is actually covering this documentary since ayahuasca works on the subconscious traumas which keeps nd leading us to use drugs instead of facing our issues nd getting over it .. for this case was so particular since there was no a huge amount of deaths (maybe he has some mental illness (like schyzo) but it's just an hypothesis
They boil it with cigarettes? wtf.....who drinks boiled cigarette water?
Maris Ocean
Rename: The Dangerous World of Tobacco Tea
the dangerous world of clickbait sensationalistic content aka "journalism"....
Woodfield D
Not to justify that his death wasn't tragic, however the young man went to the jungles of Peru to an illegal retreat and unfortunately lost his life. He went there full knowing that it was remote and potentially dangerous. He went on his own free will. I don't believe he was intentionally poisoned rather had a bad reaction to the nicotine and DMT. My condolences to his family.
Nadia 168
Just legalise everything don’t be so stupid and let people do what they want with their own conciseness
Don't use Ayahuasca while on any anti depressants or anything that messes with serotonin. MAOI need inhibited for this too work. Be smart don't think everyone is there to help you realize medicine. These cases have tobacco and a lot of unknowns. If i spill high strength nicotine when making my vape juice guess what happens? Ya I am in serious serious trouble. So if I did die does that mean the company that sent me the nicotine should be punished... NO! You cant just go to Peru and think your getting a legit ceremony.... do your research talk to the community, and be SAFE! And remember when watching this anti depressants or anti anxiety medication killed somebody as our cultural norm from of treatment prescribed by doctors. This video is what I refer to as "foggy lens perspective". I feel horrible they went thru this but drinking tobacco is a horrible idea, I have never done it. But experience and or research would have stopped this, and his friend should know as a paramedic how dangerous tobacco is and nicotine overdoses are very very real. Point is opening your mind to this is not like Cancun spring break.
John Boyd
So then the tobacco tea killed him...
Tabitha Deynes
I feel bad for the family and the situation but if your child spends that much money and travels to a remote location to get high, something is wrong.
Tabitha Deynes
What was the cause of death from the autopsy
Liam H King
Death by misadventure.
The lesson should be that white people need to stop going places thinking they can go anywhere in the world.
Medeo Mike
Tobacco liquid or tea is not for swallow but just to put in mouth n later spit it out when the strong of tobacco is finished. He don't know that and drank it. It's strong
Chocolate starfish mr
Video should be titled the dangerous world of tobacco tea...
Chocolate starfish mr
Video should be titled the dangerous world of tobacco tea...
Levi Dean
Maybe it was his destiny.. maybe he’s in a better place now
so the tobacco tea killed him, not the ayahuasca. Poor kid.
Jose Santos
I would rather drink a weed mix tobacco tea then ayahuasca.
F. Exprt
I would never do the stupid ceremony. You drink the extremely strong coffee mix so you can puke and have diarrhea as a way of cleansing. Then you take in DMT which is found in Ayahuasca and many other plants that we eat all the time, but our gut blocks the effects of DMT so they give you another substance so that your brain can experience the DMT. DMT is also produced by our own body and simply smoking DMT would give you a 15 min crash course of the 4 hr torturous ceremony and you dont need the caffeine tee that has enough caffeine to kill an elephant. Never tried it but I have read about it and heard people like Joe Rogan talk about it all the time. Its not for everyone and it IS NOT A DRUG...Its supposed to help a person find their inner self and go beyond our ego and get rid of things we are accustomed to because of bad character habits and life itself etc etc...But I'm still sure it is not for everyone. Do your research and talk to people and then decide...
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White Gold: Discovering Bhutan's The Dangerous World Of Ayahuasca | Foreign 2 days ago   31:59

ABC News' Bob Woodruff travels to Bhutan, a carbon-negative nation battling climate change along its rapid flowing rivers.

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