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used as fertilizer not manure
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A fixed dome type biogas plant consists of :
1) A Mixing Tank where a slurry of animal dung and other waste materials is prepared by mixing it with equal amount of water.
2) The slurry so prepared is passed to an underground Digester tank through an inlet chamber. It is in the digester tank where the slurry is decomposed for about 50-60 days by anaerobic bacteria to produce biogas which collects in the Dome. The dome is provided with a gas outlet chamber having Valve attached with it. The dome is built over the digester tank and both form a single unit.
3) As biogas keeps collecting in the dome , it exerts pressure on the slurry in the digester tank. This pressure forces the slurry to flow into the overflow tank through the outlet chamber.
4) The slurry is gradually removed from the outlet chamber and is used as manure.
5) The gas produced is supplied to houses for cooking purpose.
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Can we make biogas by goat's too hard to make it slurry
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dual fuel process, diesel Fixed dome type biogas 1 day ago   01:43

it a small demonstration of how dual fuel engine work.

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