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Ryan's Drive Thru Pretend Play with Hardee’s new Star Pals Surprise Toys!!! Ryan's Kids Adventure with Power Wheels Ride on Car for kids!!! Ryan opens a Drive Thru with lots of fun pretend play food and toys!!!
Now at Hardee's and Carls Jr will surprise Ryan's World Surprise Toys!!!

The Ryan’s World exclusive toys available within the Star Pals meals will include:
Mystery Egg Puzzles: Open your egg to find out what puzzle you’ve got inside! Next, spread out your pieces on the table and start to put your puzzle together. There are two sides to each puzzle, so if a piece does not look right, try flipping it over. When you have finished putting together one image you can take it apart and solve it again to complete the image on the other side—collect all three.
Rockin’ Ryan Figures: Place Ryan down on a flat surface and gently press the top of his head to watch him bounce up and down and raise his fist into the air—collect all three.
Gil Squirter: Squeeze Gil to blow out all of the air and submerge him into water, then slowly release to fill him up with water. Remove him from the water and squeeze his sides to squirt water from his mouth.
Combo Panda Roller: Place Combo Panda down on a sloped surface, and push him gently to watch the wheel roll along. Combo Panda will rock back and forth as he rolls, but will never fall down.

If you already have "Tag with Ryan" be sure to update to version 1.5 first then,
- Click the SETTINGS icon on the home screen (upper right corner)
- Click the HELP icon (looks like a question mark)
- Enter the promotional code in the REDEEM CODE field
- Click SUBMIT to receive your vehicle

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Giant Lego Box Fort No Girls Ryan's Drive Thru Pretend 2 days ago   09:31

Giant Box Fort No Girls Allow with Ryan ToysReview! Ryan and Daddy play in the Lego Playhouse!

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