Facebook, Instagram go down across Facebook Goes After Elizabeth 1 day ago   01:03

Facebook platform users hit Twitter with #facebookdown Wednesday, after losing access to Facebook, Instagram and Messenger across the world. Downdetector.com, which monitors websites, showed the company experiencing issues across a large portion of the U.S. and Europe in addition to reported problems in parts of South America, Asia and Australia.

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Alamgir TechBD
good idea
HoopOoop _
Well I was at school all day that day so I had no clue what was happening
I told you facebook to hire me. I could have help you. This is what you get cum in your face book!!!
David Okonji
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Denys Williams
The 'product' Facebook and Instagram were selling complained that the company selling it for a time. The clients, on the other hand (the advertisers) seemed indifferent.
*sips tea*
John Davies
When facebook went down I couldn't instantly make witty and insightful comments on other peoples posts, and it gave me time to realise that my posts were neither witty nor insightful and I had been wasting my time and my life, so I resolved to dedicate the rest of my life to ignoring that insight and making even more 'witty and insightful' comments while I still can. ;-)
Christle Santos
Pleass shut down facebook and Instagram. Watsapp is there and twitter😂
Har-har! So how do you all like your theocratic pseudo-meritocratic and kleptocracy's status-racist religious fundamentalists' fake news PsyOps & Global surveillance-running Libertarianazis-owned and Global intellectual Property-thieving criminal Tech Cartel MONOPOLY called Facebook now, dumb-fucks of mine?

Mark Zuckerberg that sick rich little Zionist-Nazi puppi, can with such selective outtakes bankrupt entire Countries IF he wanted and if he is as much of a sociopath, as I know Zionist & Nazi-billionaire guys as Mark to be, too:

Facebook is most-likely just fully SWIPING all evidences, even out of their Servers' Memory Caches, of its own Russian-Israeli-Saudi COLLISIONS FYI @FBI and EU Commission.

Zuckerberg is a WORLD CRIMINAL, and as such Zucks will be arrested if he enters Europe!

Would you all like to make a bet now, all you private Surveillance-Tech & BS "influencer" trolls-assholes here, yes?

Godless Best,
Projectheureka LLC
Steph Ss
So, what happened? Anyone in particular responsible?
People still go on Facebook?? Interesting.
Texas Trad
FakeBook free over 11 years
Eneidi Santana
Billy Gil Music
this is Facebook worst outage in history, and they are not telling us the reason... something's fishy
During the same time frame, productivity went up....
I couldn't post on FB. I figured I was in FB jail for butt hurting someones feelings with facts
es ali
to hell
Mark Jacob
Good, shut it down for good..
Isaac Simpson
I thought it was just me. Thought I’d finally talked too much shit about Israel
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Facebook Goes After Elizabeth Facebook, Instagram go down across 1 day ago   13:33

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Shortly after reports surfaced, Facebook told Politico that it would be restoring the ads that it had taken down. 'We removed the ads because they violated our policies against use of our corporate logo. In the interest of allowing robust debate, we are restoring the ads,' a Facebook spokesperson said."


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