Renewable Energy, History Channel The Liquid Metal Battery: Innovation 1 day ago   44:41

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Renewable Energy, History Channel - Documentary 2017
Renewable Energy, History Channel - Documentary 2017

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Shaheen Akhtar
The single most energy usage in the hone is on the process??
Does anyone knows the answer??
The questions my professor is having us answer are seriously challenging.
Ez relle
What size area would need to be covered with photovoltaic panels to generate enough electricity for the entire US? What is the perhaps the earliest use of solar thermal technology? 2 pts
10 thousand square miles or 10% of the land area covering Nevada would need to be covered in photovoltaic panels to generate enough electricity for the entire U.S. The earliest use of thermal energies were the south facing home, ancient cultures such as the Anasazi who faced their homes southward because that was where the sun faced during the winter month, providing them the most warm during the winter months. They also set it up for the summer, where the cliff would keep the city cool during the summer. The greeks had a similar design where they took advantage of the sun’s heat during the winter and were able to keep cool from the sun’s heat during the summer. Roman’s discovered that clear glass traps the sun’s heat, they then covered all windows with glass to trap heat. We learned this from the romans and in california they use rooftop solar water heater to heat up the water that is used.
What is the difference between solar voltaic and solar thermal energy? 1 pt
Solar Voltaic is used to produce electricity and Solar Thermal is used to heat water and/or air.
What are some of the very important modern uses of photovoltaic cells? 1pt
Photovoltaic panels power the energy used by satellites which in return power our phones and means of communication such as the internet. Satellites give us the capability of global communication and location. They are also used by the coast guard to power remote buoys. Solar power was used to pump water 40 ft from underneath the ground. Photovoltaic is used often to help provide clean water for people around the world. Some people are using the solar panels to power the energy in their homes.
How has the price of photovoltaic electricity been brought down to make it competitive with other types of electrical generation? 2 pts
Homeowners can sell prak excess electricity back to the power company making it so the solar panels pay for themselves.
What parts of the US have good, efficient levels of winds to make wind power worthwhile? What technical advances in wind turbine technology have made wind power competitive with gas and coal? 2 pts
North and South Dakota, theoretically have enough wind to power the entire U.S., that’s not all the center of the U.S. and the coast’s of the U.S. have huge potential to have enough wind generated if there were turbines there to collect them. The implementation of speed motors, which generated more electricity, and smarter computer controls with smarter and cheaper aerodynamic blades had made the wind power competitive with Natural Gas and coal.
Which nation has invested the most in wind energy innovations and has some of the largest turbines? What two nations have the largest total potential for generating wind energy? Which of these two nations is making the largest investment? 2 pts
China, second to the U.S. in total wind potential, plans to produce 30 gigawatts of wind power by 2020, enough to power between 13 and 30 million Chinese Households. This is the only thing I could find. They do not talk about who invested the most in wind energy innovations and has some of the largest turbines. They mentioned that several european nations are trying to make sure 20% of their country gets energy from the wind and that the U.S. will follow. They also talked about how the U.S. has been making better and bigger wind turbines generating more electricity. They showed a little diagram of that and compared it to the statue of liberty. The documentary never states which nation is making the largest investment, is this supposed to be an opinionated answer?
What nation gets over half of its energy needs from geothermal sources? What are some of the ways this nation uses this geothermal energy? What percent of homes in this nation use water naturally heated by geothermal sources? 2 pts
Iceland, Originally they used the geothermal hot water for washing clothes and bathing. During the mid 20th century engineer starting tapping into geothermal energy to replace fossil fuels. 93% of the nations home utilise geothermal water to bring heating and hot water to their homes. They make boreholes to generate steam and got water from the earth providing electricity. They process starts with the separation of the steam and Water. The steam turns a turbine at 3,000 rpm providing 120 Mega Watts of electricity. There is enough geothermal energy to heat green houses providing fresh vegetation, melt snow on sidewalks, heated baths with minerals at a very popular spa.
What is ground-sourced geothermal energy and how does it work to heat and cool buildings? 2pts
Grounded-sourced geothermal energy is taking advantage the cool and warm area under the earth. In the summer there is a small electric pump, that circulates antifreeze liquid in underground tubing. During the summer it it pushes warm air out, and brings mild temperatures in. During the winter the warmer ground air heats the liquid and flows into the building, sucking the cold air out.
When and where was the first large-scale geothermal plant built and how many homes does this power plant still service? 1pt
The first plant to generate electricity using geothermal energy is in Tuscany. It began producing electricity in 1904 and today provides power for about a million Italian households.
What types of fuel were diesel motors and Fords Model-T motors originally designed to run on? 1 pt
Ethanol and peanut oil.
What is the difference in efficiency between fossil fuel used to produce corn ethanol and ethanol from sugar cane? What nation most takes advantage of this significant difference in efficiency? What biofuel source is even more efficient than sugar cane? 3 pts
For every unit of petroleum put in to the production of ethanol fuel, you get 1.3 units of ethanol out. As for sugar vane you get eight units of energy for every unit of fossil fuel energy put in. Brazil has the biggest advantage of sugarcane ethanol energy. Switchgrass is the most efficient use of biofuel. The estimated ethonla yeild for switchgrass is 1,150 gallons per acre. Currently, sugarcane yields about 662 gallons per acre, and corn grain 354 gallons.
What simple idea was developed by the California Cars Initiative to overcome the limitations of both hybrid (gas and electric) cars and completely electric cars? What are the advantages of these cars? 2 pts

How do tidal barrages generate electricity and when and where was the first tidal barrage developed? What advantages do below ocean turbines have over wind turbines? 2 pts
It’s essentially a dame that intakes water during high tide, then during low tide it pushes the water out through turbines generating electricity. The oldest tidal barrage was developed in La Rance France. Tidal Barrages can be set up on any coast or anywhere in the sea around the world. They also provide several hundred times the power of an air turbine.
How does the Scottish-built wave generator work and where is it now generating power? 1 pt
Waves push hydraulic rams located in the henges, this action pushes high pressured oil through hydraulic motors which drive electrical generators. Electrical transmission lines keep the wave generator tether to the floor. The scottish company successfully built a 2.5 megawatt wave farm off the coast of Portugal.
What is meant by ‘flipping’ our sources of energy? 1 pts
It’s meant that we could flip from fossil fuel driven economy to a renewable energy driven economy.
HODL Romantic

"Indeed, eight years before Orville and Wilbur Wright took their home-built flyer to the sandy dunes of Kitty Hawk, cranked up the engine, and took off into the history books, Lord Kelvin, the President of the Royal Society of England made a forceful declaration. "Heavier than air flying machines are impossible," said this very powerful man of science....Rumor has it Lord Kelvin was slightly in error.

Some eighteen years after the Wright Brothers had completed their four flights on that blustery December day, not unlike today, no less an authority than the New York Times editorial page had a few choice words for an obscure Massachusetts professor who dared claim that rockets could fly into outer space. "Professor Goddard does not know the relationship between action and reaction," wrote the Times. "He seems to lack the basic knowledge ladled out daily in high schools." Of course, even the august New York Times has been known to be wrong once in a while."
DogCat Party
Very interesting. This should be shown once a week in every grade, k-12. Actually, it should be shown every day k-12. It should take the place of American football. American football causes so many concussions and is a total waste of time and money. So is the cheer leading that goes with it. Many of the females suffer permanent injuries, just like the American football. But humans are facing extinction and must be distracted with American football, cheer leading and many other similar stupid sports that are a total waste of time and money.
Dark Destroyer
who cares about this its wasting our very limited time in this world why don't these people just make there stuff and not tell us ho really cares about this crap
I watched this in class XD now i need it to answer questions again. Thanks past me for making this 10 times harder
Kadence Crochet
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The Liquid Metal Battery: Innovation Renewable Energy, History Channel 1 day ago   1:04:12

On 29 November 2018 Energy Futures Lab and the Dyson School of Design Engineering hosted Professor Donald Sadoway of MIT to discuss the impact the liquid metal battery could have on the future of gridscale energy storage.

Massive-scale electricity storage would offer huge benefits to today’s grid, reducing price volatility, improving stability against loss of power, increasing utilization of generation assets by enabling us to design towards average demand instead of peak demand, and deferring the costs of upgrading existing transmission lines. When it comes to tomorrow’s grid, storage is key to widespread integration of renewables, i.e., solar and wind, which due to their inherent intermittency present challenges for contribution to base load.

Comprising two liquid metal electrodes and a molten salt electrolyte, the liquid metal battery offers colossal current capability and long service lifetime at very low cost, i.e., the price point of the electricity market. The round-trip efficiency of these batteries is greater than 80% under daily 4 h discharge (C/4). Fade rates of 0.00009%/cycle have been measured which means retention of of more tahn 99% of initial capacity after 10 years of daily cycling at full depth of discharge. There is much to be learned from the innovative process that led to the discovery of disruptive battery technology.

Donald R. Sadoway is the John F. Elliott Professor of Materials Chemistry in the Department of Materials Science and Engineering at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. His B.A.Sc. in Engineering Science, M.A.Sc. in Chemical Metallurgy, and Ph.D. in Chemical Metallurgy are all from the University of Toronto. He joined the MIT faculty in 1978. The author of over 170 scientific papers and holder of 28 U.S. patents, his research is directed towards the development of rechargeable batteries as well as environmentally sound technologies for metals extraction.

He is the founder of two companies, Ambri and Boston Metal. Online videos of his chemistry lectures hosted by MIT OpenCourseWare extend his impact on engineering education far beyond the lecture hall. Viewed 1,800,000 times, his TED talk is as much about inventing inventors as it is about inventing technology. In 2012 he was named by Time magazine as one of the 100 Most Influential People in the World.

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