How To Stop Global Warming | Part The World's Future MEGAPROJECTS: 2019-2040's 1 day ago   17:25

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A comprehensive plan to drawdown our emissions and reverse climate change. Based on Project Drawdown, a groundbreaking book profiling the 80 solutions available to us now to stop climate change and reverse global warming, edited by Paul Hawken.

Video by Bryce Plank
With help from Kiriana Cowansage

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Randy Smith
Russell Lee
There is a solution to global warming-Pyramid Helium balloons. These balloons have pyramid shaped frames around them that have a base 10 feet by 10 feet. The base has a mirror surface. Inside the top of the pyramid there is a remote controlled bullet firing device that shoots a bullet through the balloon to pop it to bring it down when the climate has returned to normal. This bullet firing device represents the weight that also causes the balloon to float up-side-down in the upper atmosphere with it's mirror surface reflecting the sunlight back towards the sun and away from the planets surface. 20 million balloons= 2 billion square feet of reflective surface.
Juancarlos Moreno
Global warming is a sign of God the end of the world is coming jesus is coming soon
Nice ADR work!! Too bad it distracted attention from the otherwise great presentation in this vid.
Yash Naveen
When will you upload next series .I am very eager to see that.
Brazuca Subzero
Likes from Brasil 🇧🇷 CURITIBA!!!! 👏👏👏👏👏👏👍
Xavier Chan
Wow! I’m sure all those smart people have something figured out for all of us, like sound fiscal and ecological planning at the community level. Government will stop global warming if YouTube doesn’t use its magic powers.
Amrit._. Moga
I will am only going to be 23 when earth is done I want to have a family have a fun life like if you want to help ❤️🌺❤️
Mumbos Magic
9:13 oh man my sides
Daniel 505
*Y'all talking about his dubbing, while I'm still shocked because of the face reveal*
Zombie ZH himer
Here's a idea and a Fact Bonehead. WE!! Can't Fix it, Prevent it, Stop it, or Slow it down!! There has been zero temperature change for 18yrs NASA. The planet has been warming for around 11,000yrs NASA. The Planet is overdue to head towards another Ice age NASA and NOAA. The Planet has been doing this for 10s of Thousands of years. Not a Damn thing we can do about it.
Joe Pekarek
I've got a much simpler solution for you: Demonopolize, price in externalities, stop subsidizing (oil) companies, & let the markets get to work.
Oh, & maybe stop spending before we have it.
Aaron E
☺ Looking at the comment sec. I see more + comments then - very reassureing. Maybe we can all pull togther and solve the problems!
Серж Шуляченко
Attention! The globalist puppet Macron blocked the Brexit talks.
What can we patriots of Britain do?
1. Abandon French wine and cars.
2. Refuse all French goods.
3. Throw away all French goods from British stores.
We will not allow Macron to lend pressure to the UK.
The church called praying for exit from the EU.
robert forsythe
Oh yes the biggest floods sence 200 years ago yes oh my its all are fault you know maybe its just nature changing you know nature it changes eceryday not because of us north america moves 1 inch a year closer two earope dont you think that could have somthing two do with it or maybe that contenints can move up and down
WTS Dubs
We can't stop global warming because it is mainly natural and caused by changes in the Sun. Carbon dioxide causes only a small amount of warming, and the more that is added the less effect it has.
Ant Pictures
Over 60% of all energy in US is produced by burning fossil fuels. If we pump that energy into electric cars that won't solve anything.
mike the gamer
Let kill trump to stop global warming
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The World's Future MEGAPROJECTS: 2019-2040's How To Stop Global Warming | Part 1 day ago   46:20

A documentary on eight of the most ambitious mega-projects currently under development around the world, featuring: Istanbul's building boom (Turkey); the Mission to put a human on Mars; the effort to develop Lagos (Nigeria); Africa's unprecedented clean energy opportunity; the project to probe the nearest Earth-like exoplanet; Atlanta's stadium of the future (Georgia, United States); India's effort to modernize its highways; and China's unprecedented One Belt One Road, "New Silk Road" initiative.

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