How To Stop Global Warming | Part The History of U.S. Elections (1964-2016) 1 day ago   17:25

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A comprehensive plan to drawdown our emissions and reverse climate change. Based on Project Drawdown, a groundbreaking book profiling the 80 solutions available to us now to stop climate change and reverse global warming, edited by Paul Hawken.

Video by Bryce Plank
With help from Kiriana Cowansage

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Ant Pictures
Over 60% of all energy in US is produced by burning fossil fuels. If we pump that energy into electric cars that won't solve anything.
mike the gamer
Let kill trump to stop global warming
gold star
>>>>>>>> YOUR BODY NEED'S. ???
Thu huong Phan
Be vegan,walk no going to The bus or car,Dont charge while playing,yes.
they used spaghetti junction in this video
Matthew Farrell
There is no stopping climate change now. Anybody who thinks otherwise is delusional.
Arthur Kuntz
solar energy and electric cars and wind energy too exspensive for people living from paycheck to paycheck
Rick Smàll
Never going to happen. The parents know that if the personal gas guzzling machines are removed, the fossil fuel industry, personal gas guzzling machine industry, insurance, stockmarkets, banksters will collapse. The collapse of these systems means they lose their pensions and lifestyles.
Watch on utube, Solarized walk assist device - camper build
Also, Solarized walk assist device
Two styles of low cost solarized transportation (Free Energy machines)
People switch to Free Energy machines and the parents won't be able to exploit, enslave the children.
Don't believe it, go ask the old or anyone else to give up their personal gas guzzling machines and start using Free Energy machines and watch what happens.
Endymion - Clash of Clans
I loved the video transition where the plane went back to the ground! And yes IMO it is the best way to solve our emission problem. I live in Belgium and it is cheaper to to to Rome by plane than by car/train. I don't think that should be the case...
bob bagshawe
Plus public Transport is dangerous thanks to Migration and People looking to Blow other People up.
bob bagshawe
Stop Chemtrails, Barium aluminium, Silver Iodine Stronium. Stop Flouride in the Water and the birth Control + Hormone replacement.
Stop Deforestation - Carbon is the Food for all Plant life it's called Photosynthesis , without it all life Ends which is the Demonic AshchaNAZI Liberal Plan to usher in a one World Govournment.
G345 Technology, especially the later causes Bird, insect and Human Deaths, Sterilisation and Cancers , G5 was developed by Isreal as a Weapon, yet, they have banned it from Isreal, they own and have milked our Banks Dry , they relied and own the Oil Cabal and the Federal Reserve and every thing that requires Oil and its derivatives because Oil is purchased in Dollars so every Country has to buy Dollars to get Oil and alot of that Money went into Fighting Wars for Isreal ,they own Americas and Europe arms industry if not out right by Magority Shares , without Carbon the World Dies, 2018 Volcanic erruptions put more Carbon in the Air than Man Kind ever did, understand that and learn this is Population Control, Weather manipulation via HAARP and Microwaves that's why you see wave patterns in the Chemtrail Clouds. YOU ARE BEING LIED TO. DO PROPER RESEARCH, EXAMPLE=MORE than two thirds of Weather Stations are at Airfields where the Temperature is on average 2,° higher, Carbon from Jet fuel , cars and trucks,buses by the load , keep away from Smart technology G5 they are going to put routers on every other lamp post and in the Pavement, 1 Billion Deaths in 4 yrs then add the Sick.
The Governments have sold out along time ago to the Banksters, the West can't pay a illegal Debt and those at the. Top get paid to do Nothing about it , so if your young and get a Job and aren't Sick you will be in Debt all your life. Free Medical care is ending and food deliberately poisoned by glyphosate and other pesticides and herbicides and Watered with Sewerage and fed human excrement with all the Chemicals.
Companies and Govournment are there for Power and Money both Corrupt.
Back in 1990s: the earth will end in 20 years.
Now: the world will end in 20 or 30 years
We can 1st start by putting trumps bill into law that cleans the oceans
Pat Twidale
What global warming? It's cold as hell here.
Allon Chen
Scientist: buts it's cold out
Mark Gigiel
More uninformed hopium. Electric cars emit more GHG's and use more oil in production, just like solar and wind equipment. Even if we downscaled everyone to third world living standards it's too late and it won't happen anyway. If we stop polluting, the removal of the solar shading effect will raise temps dramatically and quickly too. The extreme weather will make crop failures common, the overpopulation will need more energy and food. The food chain species extinctions will starve us too. I could go on and on. It's a whole flock of black swans. We are doomed and should prepare for our demise.
I think I'd rather live with a hot planet with tons of green trees and abundant food so easily and cheaply made. Global warming lead to extremely low poverty and hunger around the world. It is cheaper to cool a house than warm a house, less clothing and more styles in warm climate, animals run around my backyard. I am very thankful you are complaining of global warming and not global cooling.
When VR and self-driving delivery matures, you'll complain on one is out driving and doing their part to help warm the planet. I think humans are built for warm climate, not cold temperature
Rodney Degens
This is not realistic. In 12 years, emissions need to become zero. Bicycles for everyone, electrics for industry as in cars trucks and 90% vegetarian diet needs to start around the world now. On top of that local carbon sequestration programs, burying wood, planting trees, wood construction projects. On top of all of this we need massive reforestation programs.
Aaron Posternack
And a better way to have climate change be stopped is to get people to bike rather than drive
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The History of U.S. Elections (1964-2016) How To Stop Global Warming | Part 1 day ago   10:15

The history of every presidential election since 1964.
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