The Cheapest 13” MacBook Pro is Actually Review: $1299 MacBook Pro with 2 days ago   10:11

Jonathan Morrison
The new Mac Pro is also fast -
My performance review of the baseline 13 inch MacBook Pro that was finally updated for 2019 with a quad-core CPU, TouchBar, T2 chip and while some might look at the 1.4GHz CPU and write it off, the performance might surprise you.

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Marilynn's Corner
I bought a entry level 2019 15”. And I’m taking it back to get the 16G mem and 512 storage 13”. Which by the way is like 400$ cheaper.
Help me
I was just thinking of buying this Macbook. Great video, very informative! Thank you so much for this!
What’s cost of this
Marquis Morgan
Well shit, I got the 13” 2016 MacBook Pro i5 256GB Space Grey and spent damn near $1600 for it... Is it worth me selling up for the 2019 edition?
Damn i was thinking that the T2 chip is only for security purposes.
still dont get the stupidy of apple users buying apple stuff, airpods are quite fine (the only product i acknowledge).
> Non Apple users please defend me against apple users if the time comes...
Okky Mahardika
It's 12 Version coming up this year?
Tamara Girodie
Hey Jon, does the new 1200 model beat the last year 1800 model ?
Who in the fuck has quad-core processor with clock speeds lower than 2.0 Ghz and charging $1000+ . This is fucking disgrace
Mostafa Taleb
Which MacBook would you recommend for someone who uses Adobe Premiere Pro, After Effects, Photoshop and Audition?
Nafa Ramdhan
Lets just appreciate that Jon has a TARDIS wallpaper 😁😁😁
Floyd Bezos
2019 macbook pro 13" i7 Benchmark ??
Bor Bor
So should I upgrade to 16gb of ram or 256gb 😭
Ibrahim Rifai
Hello @Jonathan Morrison just wanted to ask whats your view on the T2 chip failing from time to time ? did it happen with the macbook pro 2019 13in with touch bar featured in this video ??
Lol I'd hope a computer that cost 1200$ or more is fast...tbh unless you really really need to edit on the go just spend that money on building a PC and by a cheap Chromebook for everything else. Will get you more power and the ability to keep upgrading.
Jesse Taylor
Great Video Thank You
Gary Good
He’s pretty indifferent about the t2
-A C-
I would like to see it compared to the i7! Can’t believe this i5 has hyperthreading.
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Review: $1299 MacBook Pro with The Cheapest 13” MacBook Pro is Actually 2 days ago   11:39

We review the $1299 entry-level 2019 MacBook Pro with Touch Bar. Find on Amazon: The new MacBook Pro features a 1.4GHz quad-core CPU, Touch ID, Touch Bar, and two Thunderbolt 3 ports. Is it worth it? Watch and learn more:

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