Will Brexit cause a brain Has Parliament taken back control 2 days ago   08:16

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Today the British parliament will start the first of five days of debate ahead of an historic vote on the government's deal to the leave the EU. Prime Minister Theresa May postponed an initial vote on the deal in December because she did not have the support of the majority of MPs. Meanwhile academics in Britain fear that Brexit could make their lives and employment opportunities much more difficult.
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Dhdhdjdj Dhdhdh
Giving his mastery of so many languages I'm surprised you didn't leave earlier England is a s******* perhaps he hadn't realised
Mia DoubleZeroSeven
R Mason
Brexit Remain Plus, Lord Saatchi. I like it. Your thoughts?
Please do us a favour, the door is open
We need to stop cheap labour from poor EU
George Doors
The drains ops I mean the brains have already been drained there’s nobody left here with one ,we are looking out for transplants any body out there that know what there doing .
Abhishek pratap Singh
smart boy
Matthew Dinsdale
What a ridiculous video. Dont waste your time
Mike Pence Rule
DW is funded in whole or in part by the German Government.
So a bookworm is leaving? How many scientific papers has he published?
Andrew Sainsbury
It's just as likely that the stated policy of no limits on skilled immigration will have a positive effect of encouraging talent from the whole world. There's nothing stopping the UK Government from developing or joining other co-operative networks - change is scary but it's not necessarily bad.
Interdimentional Wizard Wiz
Simply READING the EU deal would make anyone laugh!
it says we will obey all EU rules regulations and laws until the end of the Transition period.
which ends on the 31st of December 20XX...... yup 20XX ..... in other words we never leave!
Ophelia Bawles
Uncertainty over your circumstance is horrible and not feeling welcome is horrible, so people will leave and then when things get worse the English will still somehow blame everyone else including the EU, and illegal immigration.
Neil Proctor
Don't forget to sign the NO DEAL BREXIT PETITION before 14th January ...
buntovnik bez razloga
Are you saying there will be plenty of jobs for English!??
cheryl taylor
The Governments of Britain and France ...Hahahhahahha
Porkchop Periwinkle
Seems it already started.
Kevwe Tony
First the brains, then the companies would follow alongside the highly skilled job opportunities and products they design and produce. Then the U.K. would become as backward as Poland or Romania.
Britain has produced Nobel prizes before they entered the eu and will continue do so after they leave.
Watson & Crick published their paper on the discovery of DNA, in 1953, while at Cambridge - the eu
did not exist at that time but, an American & Briton managed to discover DNA without eu funding and
freedom of movement.

The man heading up the cancer research lab had a north American accent - how did he come to the
UK without freedom of movement between the UK & the USA or Canada?

Finally good luck to the young man moving to Barcelona, you Serbo-Croat may not be of much use, I
suggest you pick up Catalan pronto.
Baron von Limbourgh
Lets all wait for the propaganda claims...
هشام العراقي
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Has Parliament taken back control Will Brexit cause a brain 2 days ago   21:07

If Brexit is all about taking back control, MPs appear to have finally taken it to heart.

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Tory rebels joined the opposition to defeat Theresa May for the second time in 24 hours after a key decision by the Speaker of the House.


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