Poland is pushing the EU into crisis Israeli settlements, explained | Settlements 2 days ago   08:08

Poland’s far-right party is subverting democracy, and setting the country on a collision course with the EU.

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For more detail on the 2017 Independence day march, read this excellent piece by Christian Davies in the Guardian: https://www.theguardian.com/world/2017/nov/18/more-girls-fewer-skinheads-polands-far-right-wrestles-with-changing-image

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Poland is changing. In 2015, the far-right Law and Justice party, or PiS, won both the presidential election and a slim parliamentary majority. Since then, they’ve been working to cement their power by firing judges, purging the military and civil service, and cracking down on protesters and the media. All of this has put the country on a collision course with the European Union that could threaten Europe’s hard-won peace and prosperity following centuries of conflict.

To truly understand the international conflicts and trends shaping our world you need a big-picture view. Video journalists Sam Ellis and Liz Scheltens use maps to tell the story and chart their effects on foreign policy.

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Two corrections:

At 7:17 Viktor Orban is incorrectly described as President, when he is actually the Prime Minister.
At 5:27 and 7:32 Finland is mislabeled as not being a member state of the European Union. Finland joined the EU in 1995.
Climate agreements are not being respected. The Turow 2020 Polish lignite coal mine was to end in Central Europe, but now it is planned to extend its operation until 2043. The Turow power plant burns low-bitumen lignite coal(lignit). Near Power Station Turow, coal is mined at Turow Mine. In the Turow mine, our Czech underground water disappears.
Power Station Turow is the 11 largest in the world. It has installed capacity of 2160 MW distributed on 9 turbines of 3 x 325 MW, 3 x 261 MW and 3 x 206 MW respectively.
The total CO2 emissions in 2008 were approx. 12 880 000 tonnes. In the 1970s and 1980s 19, the Polish power plant destroyed the immissions of the Jizera Mountains
Poland organizes various climate conferences, but on the other hand, when it is supposed to close the Turow power plant by agreement, it plans to extend its operations by 2043
The company operating the Polish power plant Turów is 53% owned by the Polish state. The Polish power plant Turów lies near the border from the Czech Republic and Germany. The territory of the Czech Republic is higher than the Turów coal mine and groundwater flows into the coal mine. Water from coal mine is pumped 120 liters per second into the river Nisa. Czech government geologists specialists have proven that water flows to the Polish mine Turów.
Nevertheless, the land use plan town Bogatynia was illegally approved without Czech objections.
A Random Stormtrooper
Respect from turkey🇮🇩🇹🇷i hope poland gets their independence from eu
P F Flyer
Vox = Progressive Liberal leaning reporting
Oskar Olejniczak
Głupoty Gadasz.
The Pict
Poland's change in politics was a direct result of EU corruption and their open door immigration and the islamification of Europe.
Жак Морозoв
so it turns out some Europeans aren't fans of Count Kalergi's fantasies ?

gee, I can't imagine why
Diggity Diggit
Only 38%? Only?
Diggity Diggit
Stop Poland from retaining their culture?
Now I’m truly confused! The white race is solely responsible for creating the European culture but now the EU paints the white race as the enemy... really?
Mirash Sinishtaj
I am proud of you Poland is one of the best country in Europe for their people we all should learn from Poland what's the meaning of life
I'll listen to the polish racist nationalists when the millions of poles that are in Britain return home!
Akcja Reakcja
I’m from poland, that’s the only truth
Why would they join EU in the first place if they don't agree with European ideas? Now that they got the European money and sent their migrants to our countries they want to go back to their backwards mentality.
cassus belli
I spent a month in Poland last year and it was really really cool super friendly to me “American” and ya they mostly seemed like they don’t trust the EU
Other countries need to take a good look at Poland and do the same .
Mark Shilson
I'm English and have a lot of respect for the Polish people. The ones I have met in the UK work Hard and are nice people. You now have a government that puts Poland first, EU ideas second. Good luck to you.
Busy Busy
Go Poland!
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Israeli settlements, explained | Settlements Poland is pushing the EU into crisis 2 days ago   08:06

The maps that explain the settlers.

You can watch a more comprehensive history of the Israel-Palestine here : https://ufl.ae/videow/yHOPzEkKdbK

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Special thanks for B'Tselem for the use of their mapping data.

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