Luke Combs - Even Though Luke Combs - A Long Way (Official 2 days ago   03:43

Listen to “Even Though I’m Leaving” by Luke Combs now, off of his upcoming album ‘What You See Is What You Get’, available November 8:

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Wyatt Curtis
Yes. Just yes.
jamie Black
I just lost my dad a month ago to cancer😞 this songs touches me alot 😢❤
Richard Lenfest-gilbert
Man, right in the feels. Thank you for this amazing song, combined with your voice - amazing.

RIP Charles Wayne Lenfest, you are missed and loved everyday.
Mark Dawkins
Had to say goodbye to my dad many times in my military career. This hits home.
Sarah Moore
Amazing. That’s all. Amazing.
Sarah Taffner
Love all those songs wish you would come to Springfield doing a show with FGL and Kane brown
aaron devoe
I was looking everywhere for this song because I heard it on the radio and finally found it. Such a beautiful song. Was almost tearing up first time I heard it at work. Very powerful. This man is going to go somewhere big and he deserves every second of it!
Dan Corbett
I lost my dad suddenly in April 2016. This song brings back some wonderful memories but also makes me miss my dad more and more now that he’s not around. Keep up the great music Luke!
I heard this song on the radio in my way home from work, I never knew my biological dad, and the man who adopted me when I was 2 died of a heart attack so I never knew him that well, the man who I is a father figure in my life is still around, has lung cancer and honestly afraid to lose him and lose myself like when my grandpa died Christmas Day. This song reminds me of both of them, one I’ve lost and one I’m afraid to lose.
Jesse lee Davis 3rd
Luke will make a great Dad
I swear every song he writes and sings is like gold
Catherine Miller
I turned 42 years old today and my mom is supposed to pass away within hours from cancer we found out she had less than a month ago. I don't even really know this artist but I really needed to hear this! 💙
Jake Jaxtheimer
This will be his 7th #1 single...just that sink in for how short a time he’s been doing this. Luke is making strides in country music that very few have been able to accomplish in their entire careers
I would love to see this guy in concert, but his prices are too high. He’s not a superstar like that!
Karen Lippert
My mom died 😢 6years ago remind s me of her.
torben iversen
Shout out from Scandinavia, keep up the good work Luke , awesome music 👌🏻
Tiffany Chapman
He is by far my fav singer!🥰
Elisa Sandoval
North Carolina approves we love our country boy! X
Karen Dworschack
Love all of Luke Combs songs! Another great one here! ❤
Nauman Sadiq
This song is beautiful
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Luke Combs - A Long Way (Official Luke Combs - Even Though 2 days ago   03:40

Listen to “A Long Way” now on Luke Combs’ deluxe album, ‘This One’s For You Too’:

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