War in Ukraine Real Combat Intense + 18 | Battles for Syria | January 4th - 7th 2018 12 months ago   18:40

War Clashes
Label and copyright: War Clashes

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David Williams
Those tracers at night are beautiful.
De-populating peoples go killing each other...
Nathan Hahn
Is this escape from tarkov?
Ronald Brown
I saw alot of USA gear 🤔
everybody that cries here, should check themselfs for double standards. I bet my balls most of you supported "war"/"rebels" more or less, but at least once! (war on terror, syria, lybia, and so on)
To mimimi just because this is europe is fake as fuck.

And a quick reminder, that by supporting the ukraine, you support troops that openly identified with national socialists. hail mainstream media and the 21st century propagnda-machine
Triarii Cat
7:50 dust cover flies off AK
Sahil Rasool
Call of duty has left the chat*
baby boss
guys stop wasting your ammo
5:08 , “retarded”
Jaquavious John
I’m an American and want to join the army infantry but the us should be helping a little more the Russians are enemy’s started this war.
lucian kristov
THEIRTUBE has unsubbed me from war clashes wtf? Man I fuckin hate these cock sucker liberal ceo's and thier pussy algorithms. Fuckin liberal narrative and thier thirst to suppress those who aren't on their agenda. Fuck you!
Everyone blaming the USA are being fed Russian propaganda. Russia started this. Russia continues this. слава Україні
Torrell Ross
Dávid Ács
Durva Respect
yung blade
to the soldiers stop fight, the Ukrainian Russian war is useless !
Michael Young
Ukraine is such a Beautiful Nation, so is Russia. It is really sad that Nations cannot solve their differences another way. If you look at History, all those wars and killings has serve no one any good. All People and Leaders need to do is be inclusive and there will be peace.
TheLatvianLikeABoss 50
War is hell
Ageu Rocha
Ucrânia, Bielorrússia, etc Nunca tiveram paz!
Nuno Pereira
I can't understand this war idk who is right and who is wrong
One Love
Luckly no one is hurt
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+ 18 | Battles for Syria | January 4th - 7th 2018 War in Ukraine Real Combat Intense 12 months ago   07:10

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