War in Ukraine Real Combat Intense + 18 | Battles for Syria | January 4th - 7th 2018 10 months ago   18:40

War Clashes
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Michael Young
Ukraine is such a Beautiful Nation, so is Russia. It is really sad that Nations cannot solve their differences another way. If you look at History, all those wars and killings has serve no one any good. All People and Leaders need to do is be inclusive and there will be peace.
TheLatvianLikeABoss 50
War is hell
Ageu Rocha
Ucrânia, Bielorrússia, etc Nunca tiveram paz!
Nuno Pereira
I can't understand this war idk who is right and who is wrong
One Love
Luckly no one is hurt
Andrew Kyle
Which side is being shown? Is this the rebels!
Jay M
Why did it go black and white
Tyler M
I hope every bullet hit its mark my Ukrainian brothers!!!
No one care about ukrainians. Sad but true. As long as right sector will be showed in western media, nobody from eu will die for ukrainians.
dirtandmud II
Is this still happening?
Alexander Abdulov
Ukraine was destabilized by western-backed coup which raised Fascists to power. Non-legitimate government in Kiev threatened to Russian-speaking population of UA, and this has lead to civil war in Ukraine.
Hubert Mazurek
What was in 1944? Wołyn. World ukraine likes their bandit bandera😥
Morgan Aron
The real threat is Islam!!!
SBK 510
russians funded rebels to create chaos in ukraine, the same way malaysia did to our country: the philippines
histöricali. . . nöthing new ^ ^ €uRäzzjä!
Viliam Kocis
This war makes no sense
What a gem
Two in the pink one in the stink fire at will!
Вито Вито
Не чего больше не брать только пк, вот так бросают оружия,бедны мирный жилец интересно какая у него судьба
Jahangir Akbar
Алла Lisa
Покажите военных российских. Документы, паспорта. С Россией воюете. Документы где?
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+ 18 | Battles for Syria | January 4th - 7th 2018 War in Ukraine Real Combat Intense 10 months ago   07:10

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