What you need to know about Is the Government Raiding the Treasury? 2 days ago   09:32

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India’s prime minister Narendra Modi and his hindu nationalist Bharatiya Janata Party are facing a tight race in this year’s elections. The main opposition is the Congress party led by Rahul Gandhi. But even as the parties battle it out at the ballot, pertinent issues continue to affect the world’s largest democracy.
Senior journalist Hridayesh Joshi explains how factors like unemployment, poverty and climate change are playing out.
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sumit ranjan
Ndtv is a communist channel and anti India channel if i got a bomb i will blow ndtv.
Aditya Anand
NDTV reporter
Then DW news don't get correct information about India 100%
and what is thumbnail???
oh god whare is going your thinking???
this shows your lowest thinking about india and look like 0 real knowledge about india.
Pratik Shinde
Congress in not a democratic party it is controlled by a single family since 70 years...
Mr J
We won’t elect Rahul till he clean is crroupt members from his party
aditya dangi
congress is a Democratic party...lol lol lol loooooooolllllllzzzzzz😂😂😂
Pankaj Sahu
What a joke NDTV is one of biggest news channels
Raghu.M.R rameswaraiah
Who gave you the into on NDTV as the largest TV network? It's on the verge of closure with almost no TRP to make it run further. You are bringing the news from such people, what one can expect ?
Rural Revival BCS
World largest democratic exercise....yes 👌👌👍
*NDTV ko dekha bass🙈*
Alipt Shrivastava
As an indian I just came here to drop a dislike
Pratik Yadav
Great thumbnail...Nice shots thanks you so much
arun narasimhaiah
What do you mean by large parts of India is having insurgency. NDTV blood
Eiginson Kuriakose
Good work 👍
I'M Khot
Wrong it’s not Basic income.. it’s only for poor.. and there is no clear remarks who are poor and how they will selected
Nikhil jamwal Nikhil jamwal
Only modi
The growth in infrastructure and opportunities have grown a lot since Modi took over.
Gwuie Football
First the two child policy must be introduced in order to balance the population and then citizens of India can have job opportunities.
Sanju Sandy Rawat
Only one agenda show india a poor country show slums poverty thats their thinking
Disliked , paused and closed the video as soon as I saw the NDTV reporter
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Is the Government Raiding the Treasury? What you need to know about 2 days ago   17:48

Recent attempts to bolster its crippled finances by getting more money from the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) and the Securities and Exchange Board of India (SEBI) indicate an attempt by the government to erode the autonomy of these institutions, says senior journalist Abheek Barman in an interview with NewsClick.

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