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The EU and UK will hold further talks on changes to their Brexit deal to help Theresa May get it through the Commons.
It comes after what both sides said was a "robust but constructive" meeting between Mrs May and European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker.
Mrs May wants to prevent the UK being "trapped" in the backstop - the plan to keep the Irish border open.
Mr Juncker ruled out legally-binding changes to the backstop clause in the withdrawal agreement.
But he said the EU would be open to adding words to the non-binding future relations document that goes with the withdrawal agreement, following their meeting.

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William Killen
I haven't read Mays Brexit deal , but I Googled a summary of it . I didn't see a single benefit to the UK . It's as if the deal was drawn up in Brussels with no UK input . Anybody promoting this deal should be in the tower .
I could never, for the life of me, understand why you joined this union
in the first place. Being a Canadian, I was taught that the
Commonwealth was never to be controlled by outside forces. "We shall
never surrender" was the phrase I remembered and stood by that spoke so
much to me. Granted, I do not know the full metrics of your involvement
and membership however, it just always felt like bending to an outside

I am cheering for your return to the Commonwealth and your sovereignty!
john daly
Brexit will be delivered on time. So the parcel will arrive by 23.00 on 29,March, but the sender does not know the contents of said parcel . Hurrah, jolly good show, what !
giovanni de petris
Brexit is such a great thing right? that is why Scotland Northern Ireland London voted against it..
Get a grip Theresa this is an impossible task: do not deliver brexit rather take a hit and restart everything on clearer footing or just get a nodeal and -wow - will be a terrible waste to see you inundated by hormone laden crap from everywhere , boats of Chinese workers , oncogenic Chinese products and nothing that quite is what you expect after you paid top pounds for it.
Welcome to the world of Trump of China perverse expansionism at any cost , of neoliberalism without brakes: you voted for it.
The issue is not the EU is neoliberalism and free trade without ANy control: the Eu could do something about it, you can t little england , actually you promote it via brexit: the point is You will be vaporized by it .
sheckler hodgdon
Dom, do not return to UK, we are more racial than EU.
Ho Chi Min
She making the classic mistaking of thinking anybody gives a fuck
Julian Teicht
The BBC is hoping brexit does not happen because as soon as the British people get Britain back the first thing we will be doing is coming after is the corrupt BBC. The BBC news is a joke
MSW 2015
Biased BBC.
Sugercane 72
Great, then can we focus on real problems? Like factory farming or depression?
Netty Voyager
no your not who gave you that ridiculous idea !!!!!!!
Matthew Godwin
I'm developing a deep and intense hatred of this woman and her rotten deal. We voted LEAVE, not for a bogus deal that keeps us locked into the shackles of a tyrannical dictatorship for all eternity. Stop wasting time Mrs May, the only thing we want from you is to leave without a deal. No customs union, no backstop and no 39 billion. Just LEAVE. And then resign. Because frankly, we're all bloomin sick of you.
No doubt all this extreme shit is fun if you’re in politics...a bit like Mr Blair’s war, but is it really what’s best for the county? Aren’t these people s’posed to be the hired caretakers of the public interest?
Kay Young
shes NOT going to deliver Brexit at all.what she wants to deliver is. this country in permanent bondage to Brussels. this dreadful evil woman should be out in the bloody tower of London as a traitor and the key thrown away!!!
Valentin Condeescu
A blow stop to Trump and make Brexit on time
William Bradford Bishop
Another reason why I don't pay TV licence....
Jeremy Smith
ooh tessy is going to trade with the us, should be interesting as last time i looked the us was busy putting up trade barriers and starting trade wars.
Chris saltaur
Our Prime Minister, May, has been very dishonest over Brexit. May 'is' the Number One Liar in the country and isn't delivering what people asked for which was for a No Deal. As a Remainer May has told Brexiters a whole pile of lies over the past two to three years - Brexit means Brexit and No Deal Is Better Than a Bad Deal. The PM has delivered a Remainer's Brexit (Brexit in name only) and continues to mislead Brexiters to the delight of Remainers who think they have a chance at a Second Losers Vote. If a Brexit party is created, and led by Farage, the Tory party will be destroyed as 80 percent of their voters supported Brexit and voters will never forget - similar to what the Lib Dems did over student fees - being stabbed in the back.
Matthew Aislabie
In the name of national security, Women should be banned from any leadership positions.
She is a mess.
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Brexit explained: what happens Theresa May: 'I'm going 2 days ago   11:08

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