Identical Twins 2-Car DRIVE Instagram Followers Picked Bailey's 1 day ago   12:15

Brooklyn and Bailey
Today, we’re taking on another #TwinSwap challenge! This time, Bailey and I will be going through the Drive Thru in 2 DIFFERENT CARS (to throw people off)! Reactions are hilarious! How many employees will notice we’re identical twins?? 😂

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We originally saw Twin Television attempting this #challenge, and we were cracking up! It’s such a hilarious idea for #twins to attempt this prank! We always say that no matter how old we are, we will always mess with people and play twin jokes on them!

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The first #DriveThru twin swap video we filmed was basically an epic FAIL, because the concept of that video required us to switch places in the SAME car and try to trick people. That didn’t work out for us as well because Bailey and I look SO MUCH alike, nobody was noticing that we even swapped! 🙈

This challenge, however, worked much better! We incorporated 2 separate cars into our strategy. We even made sure to wear the EXAXT same shirt, have our hair and makeup done the SAME WAY, and we were even both driving Jeep Wranglers (shoutout to Kamri for letting us borrow her car 😂)!

✅ You can check out Twin Television’s video HERE:

So, here is how it goes... one of us would go through the drive thru first, and make it a point to interact with the drive-thru employee. It’s important to establish a connection, so they notice you more. Then, when the 2nd car pulls up, the employee is super confused when someone who looks just like you pulls up immediately after.

Most employees LITERALLY thought they were seeing DOUBLE! We can’t believe how many hilarious reactions we captured! The funniest part is that almost everyone knew that we were definitely twins, so people would start to get really incredulous and tell us to stop lying to them. It was so funny, we were laughing SO hard as we drove away!

Which drive thru reaction was your FAVORITE?? Comment below!

💋's - Brooklyn


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Brooklyn and Bailey
Would you rather have Whataburger or In-n-Out?? Comment below! ❤️'s -Brooklyn
Roaring Tides
I think these videos of you two pranking people hysterical.
Hanging_Out_With_Alonna _Sayh
in n out for me!!!!!
Alonna Sayh
For me its in n out
April Wolfe
I will definitely watch you till you're 95. But I think Brooklyn is the funnier one
sara ortiz
I would watch you and Bailey in and out
Jamilah Landicho
11:27 i would say that's the best reaction tho
Kiara Cilliers
What car do you drive??
Kiara Cilliers
Brooklyn is funnier
Steven Shefka-dunavant
Yes I would and I think you are funnier Bailey.
Nandi Mboxela
Whataburger even though I live in South Africa 🌹
Megan Wright
I would rather have In and out
What's the intro song??
arjay ravenborn
mary wright
Y’all should do this again but then when y’all are asked say “ I’m adopted... so maybe she is😂”
samar ahmed
I am a follower from EGYPT that actually we don’t have any in-N-out or whataburger in here so sorry I cannot participate in the poll 😅😅😅
Catherine Daei
brooklyn is funnier
puppy lover
I got my wisdom teeth removed
Freya Klein
I would still watch you even when you are 95😂
Adrianna Tolliver
Oh and both of you guys are super funny may god bless u
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Instagram Followers Picked Bailey's Identical Twins 2-Car DRIVE 1 day ago   11:03

In this week's video, Y'ALL got to pick my #HAIRCOLOR!! I've worn pink before, but this time I decided to let y'all, my #Instagram followers, choose my NEW color! Which one did ya'll pick???

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Can you believe how it turned out?? Watch until the end for the shocking reveal!

I decided to really commit to this, and go into the #hair appointment completely CLUELESS as to what hair #color you guys had chosen (Brooklyn kept me off of Instagram that week)! I know it seems so risky, but the great thing about Overtone hair colors is that it’s actually just a color depositing conditioner. Basically, it feels like you’re just applying a deep conditioner to your hair, so your hair is getting lots of moisture, all the while it’s turning a beautiful new color!

My trip to the hair salon ended up being an adventure, to say the least… 🙈 First, we had to add blonde highlights to my hair so the new color would show up! Since y'all originally chose SILVER, we tried to apply that color to my hair, and it turned out that my hair wasn't blonde enough for the silver to really be noticeable.

Since we really wanted this video to be a drastic change, we decided to add ANOTHER of your chosen colors ON TOP of the silver, so we went with the runner up color of BLUE! Luckily, the color showed up much more vibrantly in my hair! I’m SO obsessed with my new hair color, what do you guys think??

I knew that I could count on you guys to pick a great hair color for me!! I absolutely love how it turned out, and Kaci at did such an amazing job on my hair! It looks super dimensional with the contrast between the silver popping through the vibrant blue.

Now the big question is…. do you guys prefer my classic pink hair, or the new blue?? Comment below!

💋's - Bailey

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