The shopping mall where everything How Sweden is turning its waste into 1 day ago   02:25

BBC News
At the ReTuna shopping mall in Sweden everything for sale is recycled, thanks to its clever location.

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BBC News
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Christina Iantorno
Cindy Tran
Love the idea of a recycle shopping mall! Wish we had it!
Mrs. Ben
The man at 1:45 is so handsome! 😱
Amanda Jane Brown
Roll on 23rd Feb....
Grebb Minor
Looks like panoramas John Sweeney enjoyed his £220 lunch while laughing saying it’s ok I’m on expenses, followed by “I don’t care” what a wonderful use of our money!!!!! Thanks a lot bbc for allowing this scumbag Sweeney to piss our hard earned money away!!!!!!!!!!😡
Frans van Huizen
Does she have a fake face or something 0:39?
Frans van Huizen
Does she have a fake face or something?
me heretoday
such a shame the comments section has been taken over by a group of idiots ( eg Pepe the Frog and his mates) pushing their own agendas.... certainly one way to turn people off their agenda and making sure we give no sympathy to what ever each of them is pushing.

On the positive it was a great video thank you BBC.
Well done BBC please can you do more stories like this. :-)
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Jarid Gaming
Good idea
cowand chicken
Let's make the world a better place
Everyone wants to be like us
woah lady... lol
Jack Stone
Check out tommy robinson against panorama!
Nirvana Domacena
Hope we have this kind of mall in our country..
Annyai Presoski
How do you know when the BBC is having a YOUTUBE day? They head their page with ‘all you need to know ‘Briefing’, in five minutes.’ If you have half a mind to read it, half a mind is probably all you’ll need.
Michael Nolte
The BBC where everything is censored, no news just left wing propaganda
Eddie Tran
I wanted to be the first to own a big shop selling recycled things, looks like I’m too late, maybe when I’m older I can have a start up shop in Australia! 🇸🇪❤️🇦🇺
*1:03**, Damn, even Ash Ketchum stopped by here to recycle his Pikachu.*
eric lovelace
If you want real news, go to RT UK instead because the bbc's youtube channel has giving up the ghost due to being called out on their bullshit too many times.  Hail victory!
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How Sweden is turning its waste into The shopping mall where everything 1 day ago   10:21

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When it comes to environmental awareness and waste management, Sweden is one of the world's champions. The country recycles nearly all of its waste and - in the process - generates electricity and heating. France 2's Claire Colnet reports, with Nicholas Rushworth.
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