Ukraine War: Bloody War in Ukraine Violent video: Ukraine rioters 2 days ago   16:28

Julie Bock
Ukraine War: Bloody War in Ukraine 2017 - Battle Footage HD Please like vesves share! Subscribe us: Bloody War in Ukraine:.

There is the big collection of battles at the East Ukraine of the period from the beginning of summer up to winter 2017. There are as new first published footages of the clashes, as well old.

War in Ukraine 2017 - Helmet Cam Footage of Ukrainian Soldiers from 43 battalion Patriot During Firefight on the Frontline in Zaitseve town. Footage shot in summer 2017. Video provided by.

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Cameron Conner
wasting those grenade launchers they can be way more effective then tht ive seen in usa footage
Lemon Nation
i only understand blyat xd
i bet %70 of these grenades didn't hit anything.
schfifty five
Most of the critical folks don't know what war is like. You take some contact, you find a general area of where you're being shot at from, and you either A - call for fire on it, B - call in CAS, C - assault it, or D - suppress it and hope for something else to happen. War is slow and painfully boring. This is war, and they're doing it right.
so, looks like theyre just randomly shooting to waste ammunition. its not a war if theres no opposition.
Bada Bing
You call this War?
Hi 61
Old footage....we need some new fresh footage
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Violent video: Ukraine rioters Ukraine War: Bloody War in Ukraine 2 days ago   04:33

Disturbing footage from Ukraine shows violence spiraling out of control during anti-government protests, with rioters attacking and capturing policemen standing their ground. The Interior Ministry has hinted at a tough response if the unrest continues - READ MORE

On Saturday, protesters in the city of Vinnitsa occupied the city council building, breaking a feeble cordon of interior troops. A triumphant mob cheered and poured into the building as the doors flung open, only to find that more police were blocking the stairs to the upper floors - UKRAINE UNREST TIMELINE


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