Should We Use Space Mirrors to Cool How Much of the Earth Can You See at Once? 2 days ago   04:43

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Humans are running a dangerous experiment on our planet. We're putting more and more carbon dioxide and other gases into the atmosphere, which are trapping the sun's energy, and lo and behold, our planet is heating up in response.

To fix this, we could cut carbon dioxide emissions, but that’s been hard. What if there were a shortcut? What if we could reflect some of the sun’s energy away before it had a chance to get trapped? Like… maybe with space mirrors?!

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Sean Kelly
A crash program to eliminate fossil fuel use would result in hundreds of millions of not billions of excess death by the end of the century. Space mirrors are safer, cheaper bet, and their construction will kickstart humanity’s transition to a multiplanetary species.
Humans would rather turn off the Sun than give up capitalism.
Trigger Troll
The question is ' could space mirrors heat the planet.
Lagrange point is about cancelling gravitational pull. But the problem you're trying to solve is photonic pressure. And that is _not_ how orbits work.
David Beaulieu
Short answer no.
Kimber Kim
For over 20 years they've been spraying. Just watch as the contrails turn into clouds and block the sun, the CHANGING sun, the real cause of global temperature. I mean since the LAST ICE AGE, WE'VE BEEN HEATING UP! Go look at the historical data fire yourself.
We are watching a mini ice age begin right before our eyes, major crop losses are very real, most people ARE going to starve to death because you people aren't capable of critical thinking!
When it happens and people are freezing to death, you will all be busy pointing fingers saying "they told us it was getting hot" because none of you seem smart enough to realize that main stream news is fake!
I actually saw an idea that went along the lines of “make a bunch of 14x14m glass sheets, make them on the moon out of lunar soil, put 10 billion of them at L1, give them slight automated control of themselves to stay in orbit, come out the other end 30 years later with a bill of 1-10 trillion”. you can find the full paper on Nasa Spaceflight Forums by searching “sunshade”, its a really cool idea
Timothy McLean
As far as last-ditch solutions go, this isn't a bad option...but let's try some of the other ditches first.
would other places that are getting colder, even colder?
Savage Plays
What if we just put a complete ban over all fossil fuel burning and my renewable sources of energy mandatory
HAH!! "VAGilos"
frances gaia
Mirrors would be better than spraying with Tons of HEAVY METALS /TOXIC CHEMICALS
that damage Human Health and
the Environment.
Chemtrails could kill Tens of Thousands of People, says Harvard Professor. (David Keith).
on YouTube.
Sergio Díaz Nila
another shurtcut, go back in time and stop industry all together, turn the world into amish.
Russell Fine Arts
Ridiculous! We just need to eliminate using fossil fuels, plant more trees and stop cutting down forests and we'll be fine. Investing in billions of dollars of mirrors is insane, to the extreme!
Total Annihilation Theory
No technology's exist that could refreeze the arctic sea ice on the scale necessary to save us. There is no saving us . Sad but true. Time to stop repeating that old platitude.  Nothing that humans can do will stop the sea ice and glaciers from melting and the seas rising. This summer the arctic suffered an almost blue water event. Fresh water is pouring into the seas right now and perma frost are melting at a rapid rate all over the world. The release of methane that comes with permafrost and sea bed melting will accelerate warming. Located within zones that will be severely damaged by seas rising are man's greatest folly, the nuclear power plant. Fuchushima has multiple meltdowns doing it's job to help heat the planet with cores burning hotter than the sun. Releasing man made radiation in volumes that dwarf the 2500 nuclear bomb test of the 1940s,50s,60s  combined. We where exposed then and now. There are many things that could possibly happen to bring man to extinction. The fact is glacial and sea ice are rapidly melting right now. Humans are sick in ways never known before our biosphere was irreparably irradiated with man's folly. We are living in uncertain times for sure. There are things to be done now to alleviate suffering in the near future. Move away from the rising sea before you become a climate refugee. These are the things to be thought about now. There is no stopping or fixing this predicament. A mass human migration from the seaside now is the only hope. Humans changed the world for the worse now they need to change to keep from suffering from it. Food could be the next problem. might have to utilize caves and subways etc. to grow in a more controlled environment. Stop thinking about how we can fix it and start thinking about how we are going to live with it. Good Luck we might not can live with it. But what fun to try.
It's a shame you can't make your argument without using misleading information. The cost of damage caused by extreme weather events has gone down as a proportion of GDP. That means the apparent rising cost is a reflection of the fact that people have more material possessions, and in no way says anything about the frequency or severity of weather events. In addition the number of lives lost in extreme weather events worldwide has reduced dramatically over the last 100 years. This is probably due mostly to greatly increased wealth and knowledge enabling us to build stronger defences. May I suggest that you do more research so that you can use fact based evidence in your argument instead of emotional bias.
Denis Parfilko
Lets save the atmosphere by pumping MORE GASSES into the atmosphere
Science is the best
8-Bit Raptor
Ifu drop the stuff from planes taht wont hlep the ppl who believe in chemntrails
8-Bit Raptor
Space mirrors? Ur gonna cut all the light off!
Light has no wight so hwo can it exert force. Dude
T harn
a flat mirror easily break, create an mirror asteroid ring around it may more lasting
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How Much of the Earth Can You See at Once? Should We Use Space Mirrors to Cool 2 days ago   26:31

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