The Return of the Black Death: VICE Malawi's Human Harvest - Full 2 days ago   21:54

The black plague has broke out in Madagascar. In late 2013, a deadly outbreak of the plague hit small villages around the country killing dozens of people. Rumored to have taken root in overcrowded prisons, the disease has flourished amid Madagascar’s increasing poverty and poor waste management. Antibiotics to treat the disease have been developed and are available in most countries, but Madagascar’s rudimentary healthcare system has left a number of people stranded without care.

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I'm guessing since this area was colonized by the French, (as well as a lot of the African countries mentioned that suffer the plague) that like smallpox this disease was also given to the Natives by the European settlers and their rat-infested cargo ships.
Damn they killed the rat for no reason too
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Malawi's Human Harvest - Full The Return of the Black Death: VICE 2 days ago   25:22

On a riverbank in rural Malawi, police find a headless corpse – one of dozens of victims apparently killed for body parts used in ritual magic.

Legendary Ghanaian journalist Anas Arameyaw Anas and local reporter Henry Mhango set out to investigate the deaths, and to find out who profits from these brutal killings.

But at secret meeting in a remote spot, the investigation goes terrifyingly wrong.


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