Who Knows Kris Bryant Better: Dude Perfect VS. Kris Bryant 1 day ago   08:28

Chicago Cubs
What is Kris Bryant's favorite food? Who was KB's childhood crush? Does KB prefer scary movies or romantic comedies?

Kris Bryant challenges his wife, Jessica Bryant, and his friend and teammate, Anthony Rizzo, to three rounds of questions to see who knows him better in this episode of Bae vs. Ballplayer, presented by Garrett Popcorn.

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Nick Weber
I love the cubs
i have the same birthday as kris bryant
What did I just watch
Seth Moore
go cards
Pyro_Flame 123
Anthony low key have a Joey from friends vibe
Why the heck r u looking at my name m8 Scrub
K so no one has to believe me but I go to a church in an anonymous city (srry security reasons) but one of the elder ladies that I’m close with that I met when going there has a dad that coached Bryce Harper and kris Bryant and her dad is best friends with kris Bryant’s dad but he doesn’t talk with Bryce Harper anymore or kris
Mark Schultz
Go cards
Easton xd
Anthony Halloween is not a holiday
Chloe Miller
Kris is cute
Ok Alright
Anthony got 7 not 6!
Ok Alright
Would I rather skydive or eat a cricket, but to skydive you have to fly up there
Mad Snipez
David Swislow
Anthony got 7 answers right not 6. His score was 550. I don't know why this bothers me. Go Cubs.
JD Snake
“Oh man that creepy”
Slime_loverslimezzz Hannah lewis
I named my dog that passed away wrigley and my dog that i have now rizzo since i play softball and i play 1st base.
Jonathan Worley
GoPo is better than Garrett’s
Patriot God 101
Anthony Rizzo is the 🐐🐐🐐
Ruben Soto
Never knew they were kinda goofy
Kenny Begeske
I want to beat rizzo in home runs
Tyler M
Kris your my favorite player 😙😙😙😙😙😙 I love the Cubs so much and your channel your the best baseball player
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Dude Perfect VS. Kris Bryant Who Knows Kris Bryant Better: 1 day ago   07:07

Dude Perfect challenged Kris Bryant and Mike Moustakas to the ULTIMATE Faceoff, featuring a home run derby, dodgeball, and dizzy egg toss.

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