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It’s time to go road-tripping with some men who ran the world.

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This is episode one of Vox Almanac’s new season all about roads — and this is a classic road trip to kick it off with.

Thomas Edison, Henry Ford, Harvey Firestone, and John Burroughs became famous as “the Vagabonds” — a traveling group that took to the (primitive) roads to see the country and make the occasional business deal. Their exploits captured the imagination of the entire country, and it even involved a few naps.

Along the way, the unique foursome chopped trees, explored, and ate in style (while catering to the film crew they brought with them). The resulting output was a mix of PR and good old-fashioned fun. Even President Warren G. Harding joined along at one point just to see what the Vagabonds were up to.

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In Under the Maples, naturalist John Burroughs discusses his philosophy (and a few of his camping exploits).

R.J.H. DeLoach wrote the most indispensable memoir of life with “The Vagabonds.” You can read it free once you log in.

Finally, if you just want to check out raw videos of the group, The Henry Ford puts them on their YouTube channel.

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Phil Edwards
Hey, thanks for checking this out - it's this first of five episodes all about roads. We'll have the next one next Friday. Oh, and you can help us make more projects like this by joining the lab
Shenanigans. In. Suits.
Nicky Nada
Edison one of the greatest inven....umm ...patent hoarders that ever existed!
Randy Bobandy
Henry Ford is well known to have hated jews and supported Hitler's views. LOL
I need a movie Hollywood
WJ isme
Me and the Bois in the 1900s
Gran Turismo
Edison is Mexican.
Ya do tho know half the inventions were stolen right ????🤣
These guys were doing YouTube before YouTube exist. Like 1900’s DDE. 😂
Can we get more detailed music credits please? I can't track down any of the music from this video...
ultra Slye
I love the soundtrack of this video
Imagine if they had social medias during their days. We'd see lots of lives and Instagram stories
Dornelas Dinh
This story felt complete. Thank you
Epsilon Jay ɛɈ ⸋ Ȣ ƪ ϡ ϧ Ϯ ϗ ƕ ⸈
Nikola Tesla is still better.
Miguel Reis
Longer and more detailed account would be awesome.
evil racist friends
Chance Ramsey
Henry Ford and Edison had a summer home compound together in the Florida gulf coast near FT. Myers
ravi kiran
Basically old dudes Old version of youtube vlogging with 9 old cameras.
Thanks, @Phil Edwards, _for the kind of unique and uncommon content that can't be found anywhere else._
This is why I love Vox Almanac! Never would I hear of the times where _"World War I breaks out, ROADTRIP!"_ between famous friends.
Timothy White
Glamping is great.
I wish I could take shefs and waiters on my expeds.
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This plane could cross Thomas Edison's road trip 1 day ago   10:23

The Concorde gave us supersonic transport. But why did this supersonic plane fail? The answer is complicated.

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