Full Fights | Douglas Lima 25 Cockiest Fighters Get KTFO Part 2 days ago   15:53

Douglas Lima advances to the next round of the Bellator Welterweight Grand Prix final last Saturday night after defeating Michael Page by way of knockout!

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Comments 6095 Comments

Peter Amonto
Lima got mad and flat out destroyed this guy. Mvp is a joke
Nordic kingdom
You know fifty wanted the brotha to win lol
User LGG6
AarBear Grizzly
LOL....... I love how EVERYONE loves to see a Conner McGregor.... showboating....but not a brother.... HATERS!!! Great shot Lima
Leak Bro
ខ្លាំង ប់ះ ខ្លាំង
Leak Bro
Marcos Paulo
Troxa se fudendo pau no c*
Marlon Jefferson
After this the prick now wants to explain concussion in Anthony Joshua's fight would you??? no we all have Google and dictionaries thank you very much when he should be living it down and realising Bruce Lee is dead,we have this fool now piping up about absolute shit talk instead of thinking street fighter Tekken,mortal Kombat,double dragon,dead or alive shall I continue no enough said shut up sorry I forgot to mention I am p.daley and we partying down in rio
some youngguy
Amazing timing or luck but hell of a surprise, hats off sir
chopp xdeath
Parabens irmão, chute na perna é uma especialidade do MT brasileiro
seems a bit unlucky in my opinion :P
RedeTeen Athos
quem humilha e humilhado essa e a verdade teve o que mereceu
Cry Ganhox
MichaeI láo nháo
Guilherme Bulcão
Crl, nem comemorou. Page foi zoar se fudeu.
Cledinaldo Oliveira dos Santos
Os gringos vão ao deliro com os Brasileiros
One of the best nights of my life, almost as good as when nate chocked out mcnuggets!
arlann villavert
To much show boating paige got his medicine KO bragging to much
My Cat's Breath Smells Like Cat Food
The announcers could use some work. Before the KO - they kept talking about how Lima was hurt... He wasn't hurt - Page hooked his leg with his foot, and when he tried to step back, he stumbled because the leg was stopping him... It was clear as day, too.
Yudha Charmeldi M.
Finally......Bravo Lima...
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25 Cockiest Fighters Get KTFO Part Full Fights | Douglas Lima 2 days ago   16:41

Part 9 of 25 cocky fighters in boxing and MMA who tasted the wrath of karma.

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