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--- Title: Sea Animals ---

Hello, my name is Starfish.
Let me introduce you to my friends. Come with me!

A turtle moves fast in the sea.

A jellyfish has a see-through body.

A squid has 10 legs.

Oh, this is an octopus! An octopus has 8 legs.

A shrimp has a bent body.

A seahorse swims in an upright position.

A clam has hard shells.

Wow! The wings of a manta ray are really huge!
manta ray

A crab is walking sideways.

A seal is enjoying the sunshine.

A flying fish jumps in the air.
flying fish

Dolphins are very smart.

When a whale breathes out, it spouts out water like a fountain!

A shark has sharp teeth.

Was this fun?
Did you have fun meeting my friends?
Next time, please introduce me to your friends! Bye, bye!

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saurabh gupta
I liked your chanel and your video. It's great.
learn abc TV
Hello starfish
where do you come from?
I see,, i know you were from the sea
Amanda Anderson
This video is awesome! The only suggestion I would make is that when you introduce the clam, you say "A clam has hard shells"; if you use a singular noun like 'a clam', you would say that it has 'a hard shell', rather than 'hard shells'. Thank you for making these fun videos! My students love them!
Shuhan Yu
I like Englishsingsing, Englishsingsing help my sister learn English
Stayle Blackberry
قناة معرفتي
what program do you use please !
Daniel Ceballos Sanchez
Wow gracias, muy buenos videos ☺️
isabelle nicole salva terra bastos
A seal is enjoying the sunshine🌞🏝🐈
Star Kids TV - Animals for Kids
perfect. like it
Fula Alwarda
Very good
Казашка Казашка
I want to see a seahorse
Казашка Казашка
I am afraid from the squid
Казашка Казашка
I do not like turtle
Казашка Казашка
My name is madina i am from kazakhstan
LU LU CHUI ルルチャイ広場 Kids Dance Songs - Educational
Good and lovely learning video😆💓✨ We love sea animals😊💗✨We enjoyed it so much🎼.•*¨*•.¸¸🎶🎼.•*¨*•.¸¸🎶
learn exciting sea animals
Felipe Sousa Rodrigues
Very good 🇧🇷❤️
I'm learning english with your videos
Ingrid Castillo
Sería genial q salieran subtituladas las palabras en español tamb bueno no soy una niña pero me gusta ver estas clases de videos
sonu kumar
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