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Dudes in Toyland
Shark toys? You betcha! Toy sharks are hidden inside of these GIANT play doh surprise eggs! During Discovery Channel Shark Week Dudes in Toyland will open up these two play doh eggs to find a Lil' Fishys motorized shark toy that really swims named Hammie! But the shark toys for children don't end there! We also find monster trucks for children! The Shark Wreak Monster Jam trucks for children is ready to crush some matchbox cars! There are also prehistoric sharks toys and another motorized fish toy, the Lil Fishy Waylon toy shark. Finally, there is a Hot Wheels color shifter shark car.

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Prehistoric sharks Safari Ltd toob:

Thomas and Friends Wooden Railway shark aquarium car:

Sharks for kids video:

Hot Wheels track sharkport showdown:

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Dinosaur eggs Jurassic World Shark toys GIANT surprise 2 days ago   05:47

Dinosaur toys for children! The only thing better than Jurassic World blind bags... are Jurassic World toy dinosaur eggs, hatching! Each of the fizzing dinosaur surprise eggs has one of our Jurassic World toys hidden inside! These are the same dino toys you find inside of the dino tubes, or in a jurassic world blind bag. One of the dinosaur egg surprise toys even has a mini baby Jurassic World indominus rex toy! Of course, our large I-Rex toy is the one who laid the surprise eggs, so she looks on as we hatch the dino eggs for her!

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HOW TO make fizzing dinosaur eggs like the ones seen in this video:

GIANT Play doh dinosaurs egg toys for children:

Juguetes de Jurassic World dinosaurs toys new for 2015:

Indominus Rex toys unboxing:

Playskool Heroes Jurassic World:

Jurassic World GIANT blind bags with mini toy dinosaurs:

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