Walled in! - The inner German border DDR Ostberlin Alexanderplatz 1988 Weihnachtsmarkt 1 day ago   10:40

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For 28 years, a nearly insurmountable barrier kept people from fleeing East Germany. But then, the dramatic night of November 9, 1989, saw the fall of the Wall that divided Germany. Today, it is difficult to imagine what was bitter reality just a few decades ago.

For the first time, a realistic computer animation reveals the vast security system of Germany's inner border and the Berlin Wall, both of which were recreated virtually in the greatest detail.

The animation is part of the DVD "Walled in! What the Cold War frontier in divided Germany was really like" which can be purchased at DW's online store http://store.dw-world.de.

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Charles Farmer
Memories. As a teenage soldier I guarded this border.
Yugo Wave
Lol the horrors of communism 160 deaths at the border in 4 decades, 294 people died at the US boarder with Mexico just in 2017.

7,216 from 1998-2017

Capitalism kills more.
Alen P
Funny how German ppl found a way to build a wall so freaking fast with so much technology at 50 years ago almost it’s just stunning and it’s right after WW2 and trump cant build a wall even with all our tax money give out..what the bunker is going on
eren mori
Samuel Kansinity
Did anyone make it across?
44 Pachino
All those brave men and woman who fought and died in ww2 for Russia for an ideology that just made them prisoners in there own country communism is pretty stupid.
Javier Anguiano
This is how America and European Nations should set up their borders fro 3rd-world intrusion.
leck mich am arsch.
Ima Pig
I got to visit East Berlin 5 months before the wall came down. It was a military sponsored trip that I will never forget. I was stationed in Kaiserslautern at the time.
And now they have a new enemy..
Note the graffiti Björn and Simmi were here.
watch trump, we had a wall and had maked the russians pay for it... :-P
Joshua Will
Donald Trump must of watched this video
Gilbert Salazar
Isn’t is sad that communism is suppose to be a utopia but they have to put up barriers to keep the people from escaping
East German leaders loved their citizens so much that they made it clear that they'd be sad to see them go.
What a great video! Clear and to the point, yet very complete and educational. Awesome graphics/animation too, by the way. Subscribed.
Dwayne Smethwick
Pure evil
Bluetrainer91 FireBlast
Germany now in one piece.
Amazing how meny Americans think this wall is still a thing in Germany today.
Crayton Schulthies
Great for history class
Antifascism in action.
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DDR Ostberlin Alexanderplatz 1988 Weihnachtsmarkt Walled in! - The inner German border 1 day ago   30:30

Alter VHS-Film, der im Dezember 1988 in Ostberlin aufgenommen wurde. Stationen: Alexanderplatz - Weihnachtsmarkt - Scheunenviertel - Str. unter den Linden - S-Bahn Fahrt in den Westen.
GDR. German Democratic Republic. East-Berlin. 1988.
We have loads of pictures from that time on our webspace::

GDR - East Berlin - German democratic republic - movie - iron curtin

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