Tasting Some of the Wildest Fruit This Is Montreal's Best Burger 2 days ago   06:32

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We're so happy to bring you a collaboration between Johnny Harris of Vox, and Eater! Borders host Johnny Harris is in Bogotá, Colombia at Paloquemao market trying out a bunch of wild fruit for the first time.

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Johnny Harris
Thanks for watching everyone! Colombia's fruit scene really blew my mind. Tastes and textures and I could have never imagined. I hope you'll check out the rest of the Borders series from Colombia: https://ufl.ae/videow/DK0HgmmukMO&ydtun=2&byij=FBZ8sCyOr3W5sr6gb7fr8AQILBzP8emEcA&
Órale Wey
watching this mde me so emotional becuse i moved awat from colombia and i miss all the fruit :,( te amo colombia
Paola Rojas
Actually, we use the lulo mostly for juice, so it's flavor becomes less strong 😊
Nate Quintero
I am so jealous! I'm from Cartago and I haven't seen Mangosteen in y e a r s.
Janine Bone
Your shows are great. Thank you.
craig Bond
Walter Van der Wahl
Some of the fruit featured is delicious but can only be eaten in small amounts, some like the mamoncillo known as quenepas in Puerto Rico have a juice that can leave permanent stains on your clothes. Tasty but don't go crazy otherwise you will spend lots on time on the toilet the next day.
The great thing is that most of the fruits and vegetables are very affordable. I love Colombia- was there just last week. Great video.
exotic fruit adventure :p
María E
Me encanta Paloquemao! Paloquemao-fan number 1!
Alexis M Hernandez
Totally agree with what he said about the avacado
Sara P
I'm a Colombian living outside, I am so absurdly happy that Johnny is doing this! We have the 5 thermal floors so our variety of vegetables and fruit is amazing ♥
However, all I could think of watching Johnny eat this amount of different things is... His stomach is not going to be ok xD
ben bundidsilp
i know what you mean by cloth that melt in your mouth

edit i love longon
Renan Eduardo Pineros Piñeros
Next time don't forget to ask for: Guama, Caimito, Marañón, Pomarrosa they are incredible too
Crazy cool stuff! I have to go to Colombia.
You can't eat Lulo... you take it on juice!! is too acid!!
Simon S.
Colombia, te extraño 😍🇨🇴
Titanium 7177
I like Columbia because I'm Columbian. Hail Columbia!
Caesar Munera
Lulos are used in popular fermented drinks, they are perfect for this because they are so citrouscy and turn very sweet once they ripe. Green lulos, not yet ripen, are used in any kind of cold juice mixings. Your First bite gets a hold of your gonads in the back of your tongue squizing out all your mental thoughts while your eye balls are sucked in and out in a gush of pleasing flavors, really really sour
Caesar Munera
Nice video. I remember the trees of zapote in our back yard, they are from the coconut family, looking like a small palm tree, you climb to get zapotes that grow under the leaves like coconuts do, they have a tough and hairy outer crust and are capricious to emerge, even under a year round temperature of 28 deg Cels it would not mean we had zapotes for that year. It tastes like a mix of orange-melon, mango, a ripe sweet potatoe, a hint of strawberry inside all that and... with the texture of a hairy-squash that is trapped between your teeth, once you have one opened, zapotes can bring 3 or 4 seeds enveloped by the meat of the fruit. After eating your fingers keep the flavor for a while. We try growing them in Miami but it did not work because they grow in a high warmed plateaus, zapotes closely resemble to the taste from the fruit of gods, "persimons." They are exported all over the word from Colombia but their names are changed. In some US cities they are transformed into the ice creams sold in small Mom and Pops latin supermarkets and are named paletas from their unique freezer. If you want to find this tasty delicacy from the plastic wrapers of the paleta look for the shape of the zapote just the same as it appears in this video and if it is a hot summer day buy 4 or 5 because you don't want stop enjoying greatness!!!!
Patrick PK
Loved seeing this!!! The fruits you tasted are indeed Delicious!
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This Is Montreal's Best Burger Tasting Some of the Wildest Fruit 2 days ago   06:21

On today's episode of DOD, Lucas is at Chez Tousignant, a burger shack in Montreal.

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