🇵🇰 Pakistan faces nationwide Most Expensive Trout Fish 1 day ago   01:47

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Pakistan is in the middle of fuel shortages, affecting all sectors of the economy - from major industries to the consumer at the gas pump.
Al Jazeera's Kamal Hyder reports from Islamabad.

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Pakishtan giving shelter to terrorist, i wonder why the world is silent. Humanity ends...
Shaurya Joshi
Poor Porkis
ᴀʙʀᴀʀ .ɢ
1971's karma to Pakistan.
Raushan Kumar
Your aaka has spend money funding terrorism.
I have read that import of paneer is also going to be ban because what ever money is left, it is spend is funding terrorism.
Anirudh Kumar
Just buy it from Iran! Iran is just beside Pakistan, all they have to do is ignore US sanctions & trade with Iran.
Swiftie Forever
Pakistan is now gonna fall short of lot of things,....
Mehhh. I was there 3 days ago in karachi.. no shortage there. Was eating too much at the restaurants. Gained a few pounds. Lol

I guess only the poor suffer. Same in the states.
Priyanshu Kumar
Terrorist nation Pakistan, the cuntry of scumbags needs to be nuked
Ankit Singh
they all with die someday along with there terrorist sons
Manoj Alandkar
Pakistan = Terroristan
Manas Surya
Aur inhe Kashmir chaahiye.
Pakistan should engage more with India n should allow India to kill all terrorist for better economy.
Dr Ankit Panigrahi India
Pakistan should be nuked and all Pakistanis should be killed.
Amor Omar
USA used mother bomb in Afghanistan and mother of terrorism ( Pakistan) gave birth of more terrorism groups, and killing thousand inocent people of Afghanistan for looking as they called three wanted men (dogs) one of them is brought back from Pakistan to power in Afghanistan and the second one Osama bin Laden they claimed killed by USA army attack in capital of Pakistan and the third one killed in other city of terrorism center Pakistan all of them were in pakistan supporter of terrorism, here is raising many questions to ask the super power of the world; Who supported Pakistan to be safe haven for terrorism for many decades? and who supported to obtain a nuclear bomb? Where is UN? Who can bring to the justice terrorism that they killed thousands of inocente people in Afghanistan, European countries, USA 11/9, Russian and Middle East ,,,? why the USA 500 million population and world people are blind for what reasons USA army attacked country like Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya and Syria with this democracy era of USA that the hub terrorism is Pakistan? Why the USA leaders in 1973 supported terrorists by weapons in Pakistan against democratic president of Afghanistan Mohammad Daud Khan? ,,, I am wondering for the leaders of the world did not know the installed hub of terrorism in Pakistan from the beginning of British colonist separated Pakistan in 1947 from India and officially recognized Pakistan as a country the hub of terrorism was installed at that time in Pakistan. at that time Afghanistan president made many complains in the UN assembly and to USA leaders to not support Pakistan because it will be safe haven of the world terrorisms but USA and UN ,,,??
Hamza Baig
*Sees title has "Pakistan" and looks at comments*
Yep there are some low IQ trolls here who love to bark.
mihir patel
The only thing Pakistan has is lot of Terrorists
mihir patel
Pakistan will be wiped out soon
khush sharma
Shameful nation Pakistan. Low grade creatures . All they know is to blow themselves up. Terroristan
BAF plus
It’s funny how the Indians trust their media so much but any allegations brought to UN have been proven wrong. Pakistan simply does not supply terrorists but your media supplies a lot of brainwashing. Plus the biggest terrorists is the Indian army in Kashmir blinding the civilians with shells and such.
Last Avenger
Porkistan be prepared, we will rape you like 1971
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Most Expensive Trout Fish 🇵🇰 Pakistan faces nationwide 1 day ago   10:10

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