🇵🇰 Pakistan faces nationwide Most Expensive Trout Fish 2 days ago   01:47

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Pakistan is in the middle of fuel shortages, affecting all sectors of the economy - from major industries to the consumer at the gas pump.
Al Jazeera's Kamal Hyder reports from Islamabad.

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Porkistanis u can eat pork
Sandeep Madhukar
umesh achari
Pakistan is a begger nation.they beg from China , Saudi...
Rahul Yadav
poor Pakistan 😂😂😂
Don't worry isi pak army will solve all problem
Real World
Don't worry have faith on Imran Khan 😜
Ganesan M
I'm really pity for their normal people especially womens
Pine Cone
Despite all the differences, it’s just sad to see anybody suffer and lose basic amenities of life. My heart goes out to those who need help in that country. Their government needs to start allocating tax money to where its most needed and not just military.
Tirthankar Datta
Kill the terrorist industry and remove the army from controlling the civilians. Protest and make this change and allow the democratic power to rule Pakistan. This is your only hope!!
NAGARAJ Bangalore
Pak has got Nuclear bombs and they need to refresh , all of them got a rusty if Pak do not take care of Nuclear bombs there is a chances to blast in their own country.🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
NAGARAJ Bangalore
Pakistan was looted by whole their superior leaders and now all of them royal settled in foreign countries with their families , and also if the government stop to funding terrorist organisation and make a good relation ship with neighbor countries can survive the whole country unless there is no chance to improve.
& they are flying f 16 & lost it...try to feed your public before crossing india. Poor country with dumb head PM
hemant rao
Stop supporting terror nation pakistan
thiyanesh s
I think pakistan people were good innocent. They can be easily brainwashed by politicians. Education is the only way they could use to develop their country.. i wish pak people to live happy life . . From india.
Tarun Vyas
I am surprized aljazeera posted a true story on pakistan.
Little Star
Pakistan is a home of terrorists. Pakistani government is always seen begging to China and Saudi Arabia for money just to pay off their debts. USA treats Pakistan as its refueling station fot US Air Force in western asia.
soumya kanti sena
Pakistan really knows how to build castle in the air other than any countries throughout the world.
Peyush Pushkar
once Pakistani PM said we will eat grass but will name nuclear bomb.
time has come for the country to realize his dream.
Rahul Raut
Islam ke naam par kalank hai pakistan.....
Rahul Raut
Bhikmanga desh
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Most Expensive Trout Fish 🇵🇰 Pakistan faces nationwide 2 days ago   10:10

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