Have the Oscars fixed their 8 Reasons Why The Economy Of China Will 1 day ago   02:39

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Diversity has been a major talking point at the Oscars in recent years, since the #OscarsSoWhite controversy in 2015. How has this been reflected in the nominations? Reality Check investigates.
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Pablo Sanguino
Aymen nikomouk zebi
Aymen Tekki
Pue ça mere
david nichols
Diversity is a terrible thing. It destroys unity and its fruit is disorder.
I thought it was an award for talent not skin colour?
William Baynes
BBC Rubbish! None of the actors wanted to be interviewed by BBC I noticed!
Tom Byrne
Those who judge a film (or whatever else) on the basis of an actor’s/director’s skin colour rather than on true merit are the real racists
Imagine winning something just because your black?? DIEversity!
bob rail
So this year good bet blacks win everything load of PC bullshit most of them couldn't act to save their lives , like the shit noise they make (C)rap and hip hop 💩💩💩💩💩💩💩
Oz Valentine
You just want equality of outcome, no for oportunities...
Doesn't matter the talent of the person, only """"diversity"""" and push an agenda...
The Oscars are losing audiences exactly because of trying to shove Sjw commie propaganda down our throats... no one watches those movies and no one ever will
Danish Hazara
we never forget about Syria, Jahadist, White Helmets, FSA , fake chemical attack and Oscar award . every single person know now, your channel is a full of propaganda and lies
Melano Senserio
They're all pedo in the industry so, no need
witch, please
Glad the BBC doesn't pander to whites
witch, please
Nope, whites are overrepresented.
If by "diversity problem" you mean they won't shut up about it then no, they haven't. Seeing as it's award show maybe it should be based on merit rather than physical attributes. Diversity of opinion would be nice though, but I'm guessing that kind of diversity wouldn't sit well in Hollywood......Or at the BBC either.
ivan ivanov
Is it BBC or Ugandan TV. Why are you gay?
Daniel Perez
Robert Blake
When black money starts financing black films you will see a change in outcomes. I believe the same holds true across the board. When black people start investing in themselves then real change will happen. Keep the money in the same naberhood as where you live that is Inpowerment spending across town is killing your chances of success
Non-whites just can't compete against us. That's why these Jews want us out.
I think rap music needs more diversity, it's very black...
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