How Tough is an Up-Armored Humvee Windshield? This is the Largest Gun... Let's 2 days ago   16:13

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Guy Bivens
That doesn't mean that the windshield won't stop larger, more powerful rounds, it means they were designed to positively stop a minimum of X amount of X caliber rounds without failure, like the .50 BMG fmj round, first one didn't make it through, but hit the same 3 square inch area with a second round after it's already been compromised and bet the same round would stand a good chance of making it through. Body armor, especially high velocity body armor that is made with ceramic and or steel composites are the same. After the armor has been compromised, it gets less effective at stopping successive rounds.
Ronald Simon
bro what is your real life K/D with all those guns? mine is 2.0. killed two thieves with an axe self defence. they had knives. them dudes tried to rob my house while i was sleeping.
Guy Bivens
Hey Matt, I'm a Desert Storm Vet and I used to work for an R&D gov't research company after 10 years in the military building up armor Hummv kits and lots of other "things I'm not sposed to talk about". Fun video, only problem is, the windshields are only rated to guarantee stops of 7.62x51 to 7.62x39 range rounds up to 5 per 3 square inch area. Once the glass is cracked from previous shots, the stop rating goes down more quickly, think star trek shields, to do a truly comparative test you would need uncompromised armored windshields for each caliber test. Also checking the damage for each round of each caliber as it would be proportional to velocity, ft. lbs. of energy, projectile type. These armored glass windshields aren't technically "bullet proof", they are meant to withstand limited multiple small arms calibers of a specific range long enough to get the occupants out of the "death zone" before failing, much like the run flat tires that were part of our kits, they weren't made to run on the internal hard rubber wheels inside the tires on the rims when the regular outer tire is deflated over certain speeds for only a certain distance, to get the occupants out of the "death zone"
Bryan Botts
You should buy a 7mm mag for your 7 millionth subscriber
poon spoonmcge
You should get friends together and make a firing line and just shoot the heck out of a car or something that would be cool
J Kicks
Jah Wood
A gut forty
Jah Wood
I won't a gun.
Levi Matthews
Make a night video!!!
7:58 saving for later
supreme god
The only handgun I know can break bullet proof car window is a desert eagle after a few shots the same place
Jayvee Bajo
Real Life deadshot 🤟🔥
Mr.Sparrow Pen
Texas : Last line of American Defence
Matt, you're the real "John" of America
Nick g
DemolitionRanch: “a little 10 round mag”
Canada: AR mags limited to 5 rounds
Asmr sleep
Dislike just because of not shooting an actual humvee but the vid was cool
Nate Zen
I couldn’t have been the only one thinking about payday during the entire video.
James Patrick
You need to get a S&W 460 magnum
man I need to move to Texas any openings lol
SithLord 69
It would’ve been nice to see how it stood up against an 7.26 round or an AK round. Since those are the most common round used around by insurgents.
Just love that sound on the 50 cal pulling that lever and letting it go oh yeah 🙆
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This is the Largest Gun... Let's How Tough is an Up-Armored Humvee Windshield? 2 days ago   15:43

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