#433 WHY TRUMP WINS RE-ELECTION Ben Shapiro on Louder With Crowder 1 day ago   1:09:42

Jam packed show talking Virginia Democrats in blackface, bears babysitting your kids, and how the left will help re-elect Donald Trump? Gavin McInnes stops by to talk SPLC lawsuit (and more), Hodgetwins sit third chair, and Owen Benjamin calls in! Go to www.DefendGavin.com to support Gavin McInnes and free speech

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What would you say the odds are of President Trump being re-elected? Does it depend on his opponent? Does it depend on the next two years? Let us know in the comments!
jon ham
Damn, the end of this video hit home. You are my hero if anything.
KareBear 4789
My friend's little sister was born at 13 WEEKS and she survived!!!!!! She's in her 20's now! She has vision and hearing issues, but she is extremely healthy and has ALWAYS been happy and so, so, SO beautiful!!!! Viability is NOT an argument in my opinion...they allow abortion up to 20 weeks in (I think) all states. My friend's sister was 7 weeks younger than that......and when she was born, she felt pain, she looked in your eyes, she held your finger, she did almost everything a 40+ week baby would do!!!!

Honestly, I used to be pro-choice. Until i finally broke down and watched some of your "I'm Pro-Life, Change My Mind" and other pro-life videos. And the things i heard you, and others now b/c I've watched more than just your opinion on this, saying just clicked with me. It all just made sense. So, thank you for that.
Strange how many of the big podcasters go on each other's shows acting all cordial and friendly, just to immediately go back and talk trash behind each other's backs on their own shows. More often than not, it tends to be rooted in finances and just comes across as monetary jealousy. "I'm friends with so & so and I support their show, but I think it's weird that they're taking money from X & Y..." As if they themselves would choose to take some sort of moral high ground by turning down incredibly lucrative offers from the same extremely wealthy platforms.
Rift Box
I think as long as he doesn't shoot someone in public he is gonna win
Remember when almost every single pollster was calling it for Clinton months before the election...then election day happened.
Trump will win because of all the "victim" outrage you see every gdamn day in every medium. He will win because the left is trying to brainwash everyone with identity politics from absolutely every angle in the US. News, Social Media, Video Games, TV, Movies, Music, Ads, Comic Books, and even billboards. It's every single where you look now, and people are tired of seeing it. They are tired of the pathetic fake outrage, and want it to stop.
Johnny DiPP
I do love Gavin.... But he's gone absolutely crazy, if he really thinks AOC is a '9' ! 😝 Lmao.
She is NOT pretty, dude.

*Come on now, Gavin, man...You're actin' crazy, over here, guy. This can't go on.... For real there. Okay little buddy?! 😂😂 Lol.
David Payton
Tyt commercial between breaks smh
i was born at 7 months :O
Kid wonder Regan
The misspelled words are part of Q and are a puzzle.
Uncle Duke
I already blocked the Leftist channels Steve mentioned . . . NO CLICKS FROM ME.
What they had a law that they can abort a live baby? Wtf
Brian Deluca
Glad too see you guys are getting bigger.💪🤘
is it just me or do the twins look a bit tired or worn out. They are more timid / restrained if you compare them here with other interview/shows. What i mean is they talk less and shime in on things steven says.
I can agree, Virginia is whack. Lived here all my life and the politics are even more whack.
Washington should be split into two different states cuz the west and the east sides are polar opposites
Once I get a job I’ll join mug club
the odds... 90 he wins 10 he loses, Ill even go so far as to say its 96 to 4. Unless of course they try something funny which would not surprise me.
*Don't take it for granted, get out and VOTE!!!*
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Ben Shapiro on Louder With Crowder #433 WHY TRUMP WINS RE-ELECTION 1 day ago   16:27


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