The Liquid Bomb Plot (Crime 24 Hours in Police Custody - One Punch 1 day ago   1:11:33

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Liquid Bomb Plot is the incredible true story of the surveillance operation that stopped a fatal disaster and saved thousands of lives.

It’s August 2006. A UK terrorist cell plans to launch suicide bombs that would have resulted in the world’s largest and deadliest attack since 9/11.

The plot involved exploding devices disguised as soft drinks and, if it had succeeded, would have blown planes from the sky killing 2,000 people in a single night. The failed plan has changed the nature of UK air travel to this very day – with restrictions still in place on the amount of liquid passengers can carry.

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Crazy Red Fox
Good old British names..James, George and Ahmed.
Oscar KI-43-3
Courts! How about a military firing squad for enemy suicide bombers walking around in civilian clothes. To think Brits kicked out Polish and Czech pilots after WW2 who helped them win the Battle of Britain. To please Joseph Stalin. Now, Brits allow this Jihadist scum into their country. I do not think the sons of Poles and Czechs would be pulling this Jihadist crap. Great historical move. Englandistan.👌👌👌👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏.
Stephen Geoghan
The UK IS so scared of upsetting the asain Pakistan population here in the UK, that kids can't even say happy Xmas in school anymore, and its happy holidays, we can't stick a st George's flag or a union jack up on St georges day as it's racist in the UK, and because the politicians and M. P. 's depends on the Pakistani bangali vote, every election, and the but the mp' s don't see the areas of nowhites allowed in Oldham, in the evenings, and the loads of other places where White's aren't allowed in the UK, and but if you say anything your took to court as racist,
Anil Löeb
"No body has been recovered?"
— You're gonna need a mop and bucket
Nerds Playhouse
As soon as Chertoff entered the picture, I knew what I was watching was bullshit. Sucks too cuz I was getting into it.
Red & White
well just look at new zealand.. an eye for an eye death to muslims
م الخالدي
Well done you saved thousands of lifes from these savage terrorists
Grant DJ
lets rid the UK of SCUM! Join UKIP for just £30 a year. or VOTE for FREE time for a change!
youngsta Young
As usual the Americans nearly fk it up cos they know best. When in reality they know fkall. America eh the Baine of thr planet
youngsta Young
They are killing people everyday. Its covered up
Swnsasy _
I do understand the British guy saying they have never done this and had no experience but it looked to me like they where doing a damn good job... I also understand Gen Hayden because people can be assholes in the public and then critizing them for needing to wait to get more evidence.... This was executed greatly.. Nothing ever goes as planned and you never know but this was great team work... Unfortunately I wish my government knew then that Pakistan is no friend to the US before this though... They didn't find that out until 2008ish with the actually guy that planned 9/11 and brought Bin Laden into the loop Shahik Mohammed or whatever how name is...
Ivan Lozoya
Well this explains the airport water bottle meme
Ashish Koul
Seed of a terror attack anywhere in world
is in PAKISTAN ..
jenny last
So much for Britain being the US greatest ally. He takes a trip to Pakistan without our knowledge and arranges an arrest that ultimately fails as the suspect escapes leaving us to pick up the pieces. I will think twice when I hear from the Americans "you are our closest ally".
Kjartan Andersen
Why Americans trust any part of Pakistan government i can't understand. And frankly it makes the American agencies look stupid.
great work by professionals to stop a dreadful sounding attack. imagine this.. say 5 years ahead and another attack is being investigated but this time Corbyn is Prime minister and Diane Abbott is home secretary!! would it fail or explode in our faces. I'm thinking of the latter.
Fight Milk
Thanks to President Trump, isis has been wiped out and the few hundred who survived, recently surrendered.
That smile at the end just screams Guantanamo bay
Rodehovede Delux
Utter clearcut betrayal by American officials who obviously have never made the leap from The Wild West to the protocols of modern decent society.
Legend Pride
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24 Hours in Police Custody - One Punch The Liquid Bomb Plot (Crime 1 day ago   46:34

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