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Trinh Thanh
This is the worst story I have ever seen in my whole life.
1. The whole vid is about body shaming
2. what would happen if it wasnt a curse ??!! In real life, there are no magicccccc. We should better teach the children to be confident. And the prince has no faults. He was taught like that, and why should ưee define the word REGULAR
You should better deletr thí before the kids start to shame the others
Hermione Granger
The prince sounds like Baldi from Baldis Basics!
Hermione Granger
😭😭😭😭😭😭😭 nobody loves the childs nose they think hes ugly
Sofia Dine
That lady ahh so rude
Sohail Memom
Drew Shaw
Love stories yes just kidding there great
I love 💖 this video is the best!plus I love 💖 your VIDEOS My Pingu TV 📺
Sarah Kemp
Guille Sotelo
I like your video
Carla Lawrence
Awesom. Love it
The GachaLunar Community
You just need to tilt your head so easy!!!!!
Envious but Prideful
Be looking like squidward
Jihen Bouaziz
Do you have any Ramadan story's or Eid story's
sun flower
When they say men there were one men xD
Jay Music
Frozen reference!
um- i might sound like a hater but a big nose is something your born with.
Its a apppearance.
true flaws come from personality.
that one handsome villager in the minecraft village
Xue Hua
Indeed self love is important. I like it to!!!
Cressy Chandler
Bun- Bun UwU
Wouldn't that mean that he followed her into the shower??? What a pervert!!! 🤯
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Seven Crows in English | Story Flawless Prince Story | Stories 1 day ago   13:32

Seven Crows in English | Story | English Story | Fairy Tales in English | Bedtime Stories | Fairy Tales | English Stories | 4K UHD | English Fairy Tales

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