Best Learning Videos For Kids Oggy and the Cockroaches Cartoons New series 7 months ago   36:34

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Comments 69 Comments

Sandra Campo
what did dr binocs change his name to? dr minocs! cuz he likes to mine!
Arska hvh
Sub my channel or you die next night
Avraam Osadchenko
do carnivorous plants pee?
Avraam Osadchenko
And how'd u make dr. binocs?
Avraam Osadchenko
How do u make those cartoony videos
Avraam Osadchenko
people should stop killing sharks because they don't even use their bodies execpt their fins. they should also stop killing sharks because the fins are completely tasteless and non - nutritional.
Avraam Osadchenko
the biggest shark that ever existed is the Megalodon. is went extinct 1.2 million years ago. people think the meg came back. i bet theres 1 more left.
Avraam Osadchenko
it doesn't really take 8 min for light to get to earth from the sun. it takes like 7 or 7.5 min.
Avraam Osadchenko
light speed mph (Miles per hour) : 640,000,000 mph ( 640 million miles per hour).
Avraam Osadchenko
im mean i would be 51 yrs old when i see haleys
Avraam Osadchenko
the solar system is 1 light year long
Avraam Osadchenko
i've never seen the haleys comet
i would be 55 years old when i see haleys comet
Avraam Osadchenko
Did you know that the biggest star in the universe is UY Scuti? It is exactly 9500 light years away from us
Avraam Osadchenko
Im guessing 2 quadrillion stars in the universe, because many galaxies have like 2 trillion stars
our galaxy has 100 billion stars. :)
Avraam Osadchenko
Thx, i need this for my research paper for my school.
tahmid muhith
How are they bigger than the sun?🌞
OOF gacha TV
This channel ruined my life
Afro Atheist
This is very informational!
I love this science video!
dat le minh
very logic!!!!!!!!!!
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Oggy and the Cockroaches Cartoons New series Best Learning Videos For Kids 7 months ago   33:37

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