BEST Cold Opens (Season The office deleted scenes"new leads" 1 day ago   10:06

The Office
Now who does cold-opens better than The Office?

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Barnacle Cucumberboy
Michael is a horrible human being

Not a single person:

Me: Where does Michael put that big table in the conference room during meetings?
raman mehlawat
"Like you are applying for a loan" HAHAHAHAHAH
Leo Garcia
4:10 the same way I feel when coworkers are talking about their plans together and I have to go home make and eat dinner alone.
shelby YouTube
The fact that everyone in the office also wanted to see the screensaver hit the corner was the best thing...
Rydog Labs
Dwight's face at 5:02 is just hilarious
Sebastian Solis
I didn't find that last scene funny at all.
Cars for Kids
Silly Dwight. You can’t destroy a Nokia
Farwa Khan
I love how Michael almost always listens to Jim
Luke Matthews
Compilation of Michael using the wrong words pls
Joanna K
The last scene oh my God.
Avery Harris
*MICHAEL* oh that’s funny *MICHAEL!!!*
I really think that Micheal is my least favorite character
Eric Jenkins
Just don’t leave it on too long
Patricia Rodelo
i didn’t pay for my netflix & so here i am. :((
abhijeet dange
Please upload Micheal Scott paper company morning cheer
Euthanize this place...
Callan Flanagan
I have never seen Kevin move so fast before
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The office deleted scenes"new leads" BEST Cold Opens (Season 1 day ago   06:00


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