Weirdest Things That Scare 10 Disney Characters Who Are Impossible To Cosplay 1 day ago   05:54

Part 2 for my weird things that scare me video cause I am pretty much scared of everything

Watch the fully Animated Music Video "Shooting Stars" that I voiced in here:

Thank you to SweetoTOONS for editing ;w;

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I voiced the character in Jordan's new fully animated music video "Shooting Stars"! Check it out here! ^w^
Keidan Ming
same i always get scared in the dark because of the many scary things my brother showed me like FNAF and i played this horror game which i didn't know it was since i didnt see it was a horror game, and the killer was actually trying to save us from the actual killer so thats why he was doing that but im still scared of him hes so scary. Also why do you have to add waluigi ;~;
Hermann Fegelein

Rule34 artists want to know your location
Sophie Virden-Willey
Danil Danilovich
Александр Волобуев
Я не боюсь пауков хотя меня кусали пауки с виноградину но боюсь рыбу а точнее всматриваться в ее безжизненые глаза иногда Я еще предстовляю что у меня рыба под ногоми и я покрываюсь мурашками
Precy JJ Blogs
Good luck meeting "Pennywise the Dancing Clown.."
Rachel The Furry Demon
I didn't want to get 4 neither.
Me @ the last day of being 3:
Mommy, i don't wanna grow older than 3 years 😭
MWP Gaming
Wow you're the opposite of corpse husband
MWP Gaming
Face reveal!
K-pop Therapy
Don’t go to the Crescent City Fair... It has the worst. scary. rides. ever.
K-pop Therapy
Wario and “what’s his name”
K-pop Therapy
You gave me a new fear...
Brennan TubeHD
Don't worry, I'm scared of broccoli too
Ko Jocelyn
I'm actually afraid of the dark too
lance lauron
Shoot gacha thing
foxy_lover and gacha lover
I'm a scaredy cat too I still run when it's dark if it is pick black I grab s ok nothing and swing it everywhere 😅😅😅😅😅😅😅😅
Nightmare Oswald
and what if your boyfriend dressed as a clown...

would you trust him, or just get a heart attack?

(I really hope, he does NOT do that, because I asked...(I am weird... like I said) because then I would feel bad)
5 Funtime Foxy
I've been on the pirate ship before and it is scary
Big Dumb
2:52 you're welcome
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10 Disney Characters Who Are Impossible To Cosplay Weirdest Things That Scare 1 day ago   06:43

These Disney Characters Are Even More Impressive In Real Life
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There’s no doubt about it; Disney has given us some amazing characters over the last ninety years or so. And some fans enjoy taking their love for these characters to a whole new level. Cosplay is an exciting hobby and it can be as simple or as elaborate as you want. It’s a ton of fun to dress up as your favorite characters and go to Comic-Con or anything other fan-inspired events.

Problem is, some Disney characters are pretty much impossible to pull off! Because well, Disney doesn’t always create characters who have human features. Yet somehow, the following fans took ten of the most challenging characters and managed to recreate them. They did an amazing job! From Ursula to Yzma, we’ve got ten of the toughest characters to cosplay and we're about to showcase the fans who brought them to life. Want more videos about all things Disney? Subscribe to TheThings, and you’ll never miss a video!

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