The Coming Big War in Ukraine Ukraine: On patrol with the far-right 5 months ago   09:59

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Now that the United States has been again and still more decisively humiliated in Syria by the nearly complete military victory of Assad forces with substantial Russian air assistance, the Deep State once again is looking to Ukraine to wreak its vengeance on Russia.
the Ukrainian Verkhovna Rada adopted the so-called "Donbas Deoccupation Law" The south-east territories of Ukraine were found to be occupied by the aggressor which, of course, means Russia.

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James Wewerka
This will be the start of ww3.....and norko and China will all out attack the USA and hope for the best....and Iran....going to be a bloody day coming know I'm right
Haribo 73
These "debates" on Russian TV are nothing more than public kangaroo courts where the presenters are trying to influence the Russian people that what Putin is doing is justified and it's everyone else's fault things go wrong.
Haribo 73
The West needs to nuke Russia, it's for their own good really. This will make the Russian people see Putin for what he is.........a Soviet era maniac who wants to bring the Union back together.
Putin invaded and annexed a region in a sovereign state, this violates international law.
Kool Aid
Even Russian women give out that alpha vibe
Unlike some white spineless American trash
jeffrey stewart
fuk you POS commie bastards, nobody gives a shit about your dumb fuk country or Ukraine and their fake ass dating sites, Russia 2.0 mother fukers, and fuk you too balkan states and your genocide, main stream America gives 2 flying fuks about your jealousy.
russian nazis and terrorists love to couple I see :)...
Steve Robinson
At least she admitted Russia "annexed" Crimea. Oops!
Ball Is first
Tell them I said it.
Ball Is first
I am not both but Ukraine and Ukrainians are blinded by democracy and it's evil grip so Ukraine I as a brother in a mankind way suggest to you brothers of Ukraine and it's region to support our brothers in Russia and forget about democracy and the West because they went against the Lord of the 2 universe's n everything in between allahu Akbar forever and ever and ever and ever and always
Serge Baron
That doesn't makes no sense Vladimir Putin give deep state Donald Trump has president of the United States ,what else would they possibly want.
Count Rufus
Ukraine is a thug state
They still have to pay for their ww2 crimes.They take the property of rich Russians and Jews
ivan the terrible
Stop spreading fear mongering bs
Gabe McCall
Russia is in Ukraine.... Ukraine is not in Russia. Before you blame the US for all things wrong in the world you should really get out of the propaganda bubble. News paid by the Kremlin??? Really?
Fred Schwentafsky
Kiev has shown it has nothing to offer donbass it has alienated itself from donbass. Donbass will be better off like crimea.
Brian C
"Now that the United States has been again and still more decisively humiliated in Syria by the nearly complete military victory of Assad forces with substantial Russian air assistance", best you tell the 200-300 Russian mercenaries that died trying to attack USA forces ( ), do i need to say more? lolz
Action Speaks Louder Than Words
Russia should have bombed kiev like they bombed tibilsi ✌
David De
mike lubomir
What a load of crap. Twisted lies.....
Mike Boyd
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Ukraine: On patrol with the far-right The Coming Big War in Ukraine 5 months ago   10:00

Ukraine's National Militia says it "polices" the streets. So why does it also fight the police themselves? BBC Kiev correspondent Jonah Fisher reports on the increasing visibility of far-right groups in Ukraine.

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