Tesla Model Y Impressions! PIERWSZA REAKCJA Z JAZDY! TESLA 1 day ago   07:30

Marques Brownlee
Tesla Model Y honest first impression, test drive and hands-on! Oh, and some bonus Roadster time...

Official site: https://tesla.com/ModelY

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The Model S is the only Tesla that appeals to me visually.
Boring ThingsYT
Guys model s model 3 model x model y let me spell it S3XY lol Elon musk planed it so he is the rightful owner of tesla
Cam Life
It’s not a SUV, it’s a hatchback 🤨
André The Lizard
I don't know why, but I never liked this cunt! Thanks YouTube for recommending this cunt! Finally watched it, now fuck off!!!
Rati0 -447
I love Tesla so much, I want my own Tesla so bad, I’m 14 rn so it’ll still be a while but I just love Tesla so much, every time I see one on the road I freak out and tell my mom to look at it lol I love Tesla and everything Elon does, the model y is so affordable I’m seriously gonna ask my dad if it’s possible to trade in our car and get it
MODEL _S_ _3_ _X_ is enough for me
_you are a big fan of elon like me bruuhhh_
Sankalp Jajee
What's the name of the instrumental that starts at 2:00?
Prospective Vision
Hi everyone,this is my referral code. It can be used as a discount wen you purchase a Tesla: adriano84530
i buy correla better
and by kfc
i buy a lot car thiis is very bad
bad car bad very bad i dont like it because its cheap
it doesnt look like a SUV...looks like a big car that acts like a station wagon
Shane Mounir
How was the back seat on the model Y. I hate the model 3 back seat. only good for two people. even 2 children and a skinny adult is so so uncomfortable. No grab handles above the window either which makes it even more uncomfortable and crushing in turns.Hope the Model Y is wider with grab handles above windows
That fat X back : 🤢
malik gilmore
Yo marquee you almost have more views than the actual Tesla channel , keep doing ya thing bro !
Adrian Pras
S3XY 😎
Mammy wong
go to Tesla website, there is no $39,000 Model Y to be purchased. Elon always over-promises and under-delivers.
I love the Model Y.. It looks like the hatchback Prius!! :D
But a 40W incandecent lightbulb is illegal because it destroys the environment.
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PIERWSZA REAKCJA Z JAZDY! TESLA Tesla Model Y Impressions! 1 day ago   12:18

Dziś miałem okazję po raz pierwszy przejechać się Teslą Model 3!
Przejażdżka była dość krótka, więc nie miałem dużo czasu, aby ponagrywać.
Film w niektórych momentach jest dziwnie powycinany, ponieważ Tesla nie zgodziła się na wszystko. Zapraszam do oglądania!

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