Ups & Downs From WWE RAW (Aug 12) Sasha Banks Roman Reigns 1 day ago   18:25

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Our WWE RAW review as Simon Miller talks about Sasha Banks returning to attack Natalya and Becky Lynch, Seth Rollins vs AJ Styles, Andrade vs Rey Mysterio, new 24/7 champions and a Skype call with Stone Cold Steve Austin.


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It doesn't matter
I'd be lying if I said that thumbnail didn't excite me.
Donna C
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Ups & Downs From WWE RAW (Aug 12)
What you have lost will not be returned to you. It will always be lost. You're left with only your scars to mark the void. All you can choose to do is go on or not. But if you go on, it's knowing you carry your scars with you. Nevertheless, over all those wasted years, he had held in his mind the wish to kiss her on the back of her neck, and now he had done it. There was a redemption of some kind, he believed, in such complete fulfillment of a desire so long deferred.
that's pussy babe
I thought they were chanting Heath Slater
Ethan Walsh
Nice to see Johnny Sins working for WhatCulture Wrestling
Kenneth N
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Ups & Downs From WWE RAW (Aug 12)
There was no recovering them now. You could grieve endlessly for the loss of time and the damage done therein. For the dead, and for your own lost self. But what the wisdom of the ages says is that we do well not to grieve on and on. And those old ones knew a thing or two and had some truth to tell, Inman said, for you can grieve your heart out and in the end you are still where you are. All your grief hasn't changed a thing.
Wilbert Robinson
Pay attention everyone that said things you agree with are being made to look like whiny losers. Could that be what Wwe creative thinks of you?
Axolile Wangaza
Dear Simon Miller, please remember "nobody talks like that". 13:17 - 13:21 .
Michael Heard
Sami Zayn is basically the Brooklyn brawler
Anesu Jambwa
I think Sasha Banks took a page from Mal ,s book because in D3 MAL,s hair first purple then it,s blue
Radu Damache
Sasha Banks actually started her main roster as a heel when she arrived with Becky Linch and Charlotte
Dr. Zenno - Pokémon
As i was watching this im watching the latest episode of SmackDown Live
dead account
So this"Sammy Zane" Sounds like internet wrestling talking head is a actual character in wrestling. Vince ya still got it.

Mysterio killed more big men than diabetes.
For the sake of Simon's Hanukkah present: Break up Asuka and Kairi Sane!! Do it for Hanukkah, Paul Heyman! You're Jewish, too!!
Leopard Bra Brado
I "came" for the thumb nail but left as soon as I saw a bald dude.
sami zayn is the new cur hawkins... redhead... dumbass heel jobbing after spewing out nonsense... see?
Deep hug
Sammy Zayn has a pretty sweet gig. Go out for thirty seconds, do the job and get paid.
April Seegren
Love the repo man. Classic
Anany Raizada
You forgot Robert roode vs no way Jose
Kryptic Mooch
Sasha’s wig tho
ming Li
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Sasha Banks Roman Reigns Ups & Downs From WWE RAW (Aug 12) 1 day ago   07:09


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