Psh Nascar.. Coma Inducing Cringe Compilation 2 days ago   04:00

Ed Bassmaster
Nascar was fun, got kicked out and banned for life but who gives.. pshh unreal. make sure to leave a like ain't nothin' setup here boss real pranks only. Insurance king brought us out they didn't know how crazy chip was going to go but he doesn't care.

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Filmed By: Wayne Reilly

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Jessie Jonez
Nascar is lame now a days, all the b.s. rules
Fear House
Not impressed
*kicks tire
“Don’t do that again” 😂😂😂😂😂😂
Single Date
Chip needs a sitcom, adult swim where you at
Yussif Mohammed
I just had my baby and I’m going through some post partum blues and every time those blues kreep up on me I watch your videos and I die laughing please do them more often especially during this time seriously
Florida Corvette Owners
@edbassmaster Anymore creep videos coming up!? 😁
Hector Hernandez
Lol! Whats with the Bill Cosby sweater 😂
Christian Edlund
About frikin time numb nuts! Gonna make us wait another year for the next video! Psh unreal
Charles Russell
Lmao yessss
Iron man
"Dont do that again" if that kick was going to blow the tire or something
Iron man
"Bout time...I coulda done it way quicker"😆😂😂
Iron man
He's directing traffic😂😂
Justin E
Should have worked a meet up with Rodney Sandstorm.
Chris Barr
Do you sell merch? You should get some T-shirt printed that look like the iconic sweater in this video (and your social media links on back). I'd buy it. Lots of people would.
Where’s skippy 🥺
they wouldn't even let him take a piss? bunch of assholes psh
Amy Bork
NASCAR bans gun ads! Psh!
Dana Nation
That dog! Funny as hell!!!!
Tony Rios
Do this at the California science science center
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Coma Inducing Cringe Compilation Psh Nascar.. 2 days ago   06:32

THE CHANNEL JUST HIT 50K SUBSRIBERS HOLLLY FRIGGGIN HECK!!!!! THANK YALL FOR ALL TEH SUPPORT - only the cringiest of the cringe were permitted into this video. if u can watch this whole video without looking away 0nce then there is som3thing seriously wrong with you, JK YALL KNOW I LUVE U (I hop3 KSI knocks logen paul the FRIG OUT like this vid if u agr33)

Original video links -
News reporter spitting straight flames:
Candle crash interrupts peaceful prayer:
Don't trust this man's trust fall:
Dude completely forgets national anthem in front of graduating class:
Asking girl to prom turns cringe real fast:
Weird old dude "contacts" aliens:
Star Wars cosplayers attempts to steal a kiss from Princess Leia:
Realest hip hop dancer in the game:
Sports announcer completely forgets other announcer's name:
One of the hardest comedian bombs I've ever seen:
Blackwidow knowingly rejects dude hi5:
Really cringy hostman at League of Legends tournament:

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