Game Of Thrones Season 8 Episode NOTHING IS LEFT - Game of Thrones 1 day ago   37:25

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Game Of Thrones Season 8 Episode 5 Was An Absolute Disaster That Without A Doubt Destroyed Any Dignity That Remained In The Series Dan Weiss & David Benioff Are The WORST Writers In Television History

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Anomaly Inc
"You've Known Dumb And Dumber Have Been Shit Since Season 5........ Now Watch Them Become A Woman"
Eman Gameplay -
Black Goat Of Qohor -
Order Of The Green Hand -
The Dragon Demands -
that thumbnail, Dumb and Dumber is clickbait
Adam Smith
Resting rape face 😂😂😂😂😂😂 omg u killed me
Randel Clawson
The whole last season felt like it was an intentional F U to the fans.
Debonaire Death
Why do you keep cycling between scenes you aren't talking about

It's distracting
Thor Odinson
32:57 "As Dany realized the Vibrator is a more sensible way to relieve stress and decided to fly away"
Marcos Loo
You all are wrong. D&D are genius, they ruined GOT show so everyone have to buy GRRM books to know the real final.
couldn't get 2 minutes through this annoying video
shiva music
i would like to know why the starks care about the people in kingslanding so much when they cheered while ned starks head was chopped off?
I loved it and the actors worked mad hard on it
Steve Carpenter
Couldn’t have been to bad if you watched all 8 seasons. Great show.
Pete Wilkerson
Hey you sound batshit crazy on some things like other people. You want a twist just before Jon tries to kill her rehgar shows up and stops him tells Daenerys little sister this is wrong it's not you Jon and the rest of the lords are gathered there to find out what is going to happen next. Before Daenerys came nobody knew who Jon really was and they certainly wasn't trying to take over the kingdom from cersi so who would have supported him if they knew about his real identity he bearly got back their house his army was some northerners and wildlings with a few Mormonts and they were loosing until little finger showed up let's say that they didn't have to fight the night king and he found out that he was a heir to the throne he still didn't have the support cersi had more than what they had if Daenerys had gone through with her plans and taken kings landing then what she would have had 3 dragons to fight with you see what 1 did so who would have stood against her being heir don't mean shit if you don't have back up. Wake up from that dream about Arya and Sansa beating the unsullied she has some skills but not enough and name one person Sansa killed with her own hands nobody she never tried to get revenge for her family and she was living with them she didn't try to kill rhamsy until he was tied to a chair then the dogs killed him because they were hungry so you need to rethink your position on all of that.
hung solo
Dumb and dumber really live up to their names
Pekillas ?
Does anyone know intro song?
James Austria
They weren't trying to make a good story. They were just trying to finish everything on time
akeino bryan
Bro waiting on episode six rant
Sugar Edwards
How can you hate the sand sluts?
Rafael Lopes
And now the mission is destroy STAR WARS....
Chris Mak
Remake S8. D&D pay for it -
thanks for the video man, listening to your rant got it off my chest somehow
really appreciate that constant f*** you on d&d
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NOTHING IS LEFT - Game of Thrones Game Of Thrones Season 8 Episode 1 day ago   09:07

(SPOILERS) I'm so done.

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