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Game Of Thrones Season 8 Episode 5 Was An Absolute Disaster That Without A Doubt Destroyed Any Dignity That Remained In The Series Dan Weiss & David Benioff Are The WORST Writers In Television History

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Anomaly Inc
"You've Known Dumb And Dumber Have Been Shit Since Season 5........ Now Watch Them Become A Woman"
Eman Gameplay -
Black Goat Of Qohor -
Order Of The Green Hand -
The Dragon Demands -
Something Something Something
Order of the Greenhand didn't come up with anything.
Popistan Iuliu
Can anyone remind me when has Daenerys ever kept prisoners ? Ever.
Why does she keep Jaime as a prisoner ? - Because she tests Tyrions loyalty to her vs. the loyalty to his family. And Tyrion fails, fails because he owed Jaime.
She imprisons Jaime also because Tyrion advised her in S07E05: "nothing scrubs bold notions from a man's head than a few weeks in a dark cell". Ironically, she applies this to Jaime Lannister (who's bold notions needed scrubbing) and wouldn't you know it...she applies it to Tyrion as well in the next episode. The same advice.
But Tyrion should have known that Dany never keeps prisoners, she did it this time to test him. Had he known that, he would have realized that Jamie was not in trouble and there was no danger to save Jaime from. But Tyrion was an idiot this season so none of the above are applicable.
*Corporate Social Engineering* has been successful in convincing some "Fans/Customers" that Season 8 was a logically written story and those who disagree are idiots. Mind controlled *Sheep* , convinced they are independent thinking *Wolves* , by design to protect corporate interest.
marc smouha
The real problem with this crappy ending:
Alex Behzade
Fuck both of them. They are the worst writers in all of Hollywood.
Herbert Quain
I wonder sometimes if people have actually read all 5 books.... I'll grant you the first 3 are imaginative and entertaining, but the last 2 are practically unreadable, and there's not a paragraph in any of them that could be confused with great writing. The sex scenes in particular are just embarrassing, and there are long stretches where you truly don't know what the heck's going on and you don't even care. Given their source material, D&D deserve a ton of credit (maybe not as much as the cast and production team, those people made the show what it was, but still). Every diversion D&D made from the books was an improvement, and it's not their fault the author has ground to a halt trying to stretch a story he could have told in 5 if not 4 books into 7 for no good reason. There were a lot of things I wish they'd done differently in season 8, but the show was never very close to perfect (the episode where Cersie nuked the Sept is pretty dang close, but not many others are that vicinity). Chill out, quit hating, go read some Joyce and Beckett...get a life.
However awful Season 8 was at least we got some of the funniest memes out of it.
zanzed cloud
dont question super sayen euron
Nate Potter
It will be hilarious when grrm finishes the books properly and completely different to season 8 of GoT, and then this season will just be forgotten for the tripe that it is.
Yumiko Youku
6.58 and there I totally lost it. xD
Stinky Monkey
Tyron Lannister is a dumb fuck to
Trevor Winn
Dumb and dumber told us why she burned kings landing " she decided to make it personal " lol
Corinne Young
so painful !
Heavenlyevl 1 to nominate the worst writers for the recognition they deserve?
The audience remembers...
Danny Ford
I’ve not rewatched any of season 8 it broke my heart 💔 season 7 can be forgiven (maybe) but fuck u season 8 an if I missed it what happened the the beautiful sand woman that was captured by euron ? I think I missed it but can’t subject myself to watch it again 🖕🏽fuck dumb an dumber
Yerbol Khassen
Absolutely agree with an every single word!
Wayfaring Man
I stopped caring about the show after season 4. Everything went downhill except for the all-around inane stupidity, which skyrocketed.
Nobody cares about Arya, Benioff, you stupid fuck, because you butchered her character and made her an infuriatingly smug little shit with invincible plot armor who steals and ruins other people's plotlines. OK, maybe *you* like her because you're also an infuriatingly smug, plot-stealing-and-ruining little shit as well, but nobody with a brain can stand the unrelatable psychobrat you turned Arya into.
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What Went Wrong with Game Of Thrones Season 8 Episode 1 day ago   14:50

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Ever since the show was forced to move away from material from the books. Game of Thrones has received a great deal of criticism. Everything from the writing to the new material has been deeply criticized especially after the most recent episode in the battle of Winterfell? But who's fault is it? Is it the showrunners or George RR Martin for not putting out any new material? Was there anything that could have made people happy? Well let's find out.

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