20 Winners and Losers This NBA Offseason Predicting The NBA's 2019-20 Eastern 1 day ago   12:07

Austin Sweatt
Who was the biggest winner and the biggest loser?

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Zilvinas Zuravliovas
Kawhi will end up with 20 rings with 20 different team
Zilvinas Zuravliovas
Raptors payed the price for championship. But what a run it was . It was worthy
Zilvinas Zuravliovas
Looks like Hornets just exist in the league just as neutral tokken
Demiron Ayvaz
Rockets did make a huge move bruh
Its Russ Westbrook
Panda Fudge
Who was tonight big looser
Monjid Abpi
Suns definitely a winner getting rubio
UnKnown Venom
You didn't say anything about the bulls
jarvis thomas
*Nuggest picked up Bol Bol that could work well and Celtics can find a spot for Tacko that could help them out too!*
fred flint michigan
Clippers are clear favorites right now... wake up people
1:17 😂😂😂
Keith Campbell
Clearly you don't know basketball
Jack Di Gasbarro
Thunder???? Hell no.
Mason Riccard
you really said the magic are clear losers for resigning an allstar, these nba youtubers are so trash these days
Jared Berlin
Did the Knicks dirty
Nathaniel Salas
You bout dumb as hell, the suns did what they had to do and made the team batter as a result.
You’re Welcome
I don’t know what you’re smoking but the Lakers had the best off season. They have a big 3 and a stacked bench. The Clippers have an amazing duo, Lou will and that’s it for any REAL talent on their team
Balpreet Matta
ummruss harden
Duke wang
where is my pistons bro?!
Theirs only one team the league wants to win and that's the Lakers. Dont be confused by all this parity. The league gave lebron, AD, Demarcus cousins, Green, avery Bradley.
Andrew Cruz
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Predicting The NBA's 2019-20 Eastern 20 Winners and Losers This NBA Offseason 1 day ago   15:02

After seemingly every top NBA player has changed teams for the 2019-20 season, this video predicts the standings from team #15 to #1 in the eastern and western conference. Do any teams shock the world and who is the 2020 title favourite? Find out tonight.
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Predicting The NBA's 2019-20 Eastern And Western Conference Standings

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