How to Make Washing Machine at Home How High Efficiency Top Load Washer 2 days ago   07:46

Sdik Rof - creativity
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cubecube bean
Easy and Free Home Made Rock Tumbler
Ecolive Spirulina
Dear sir,

I need your contact for make one machine for my Spirulina cultivation unit. For filter alage.

So, ur support will be helpful for us
Hevin Amber
i applaud you for being creative. but looks dangerous. this drill is plugged in!
liberty Ann
Clever but then you have to rinse and spin it.
Karen Wright
This is what happens when you need a washer and your Husband is Handy AND CHEAP...
Edgar Vasquez
Hope the thumb healed up well.
Murad Al Falmouth
عمل رائع
Maria Leal
For crying aloud, what ever happened to soaking and then hand wash specially if a bit of clothes. Going through all this stupidity to have something that sooner or later is going to make you wash by hand again. That shit is not going to last . You treat your clothes if it has stains then you leave it for a while soaking and all you have to do is very little with your hands after. People have gotten so FK lazy.
Muriel Grent
génial 👍
Mél Miel
This was so funny cause it runs off a power drill but it's actually really cool
وردة بامبى
Rachel Tomlinson
This is very good while husband away I think I go and find his drill ....
Would adding "Fins" inside the drum give extra agitation ? And maybe then you would need less cycle wash to save a bit of power? Hope to see your take on a spinner next.
Mbali Dubs
most clever idea
San Card
make another cage same for dry
Thảo Nguyễn
Cháy motor bà con ơi.coi vậy chứ k nổi đâu chạy vài lần là bỏ luôn cái máy
Carmen S.
Could have used way less soap. That is basically like a front-loader machine which takes about half as much laundry soap as a top-loading machine.
Ahmed Doukali
Hhhj crazy crazy
Black Cracka
Worst music ever.
Maria Marfil
And if the drill has reverse... amazing! 👏🏼
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How High Efficiency Top Load Washer How to Make Washing Machine at Home 2 days ago   07:28

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