The Full Dustin and Suzie NeverEnding Millie Bobby Brown uses 2 days ago   02:56

Netflix UK & Ireland
The amazing Dustin and Suzie NeverEnding Story scene from Stranger Things S3 in full.


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Combat Creepers
Dustin: “Tuurrn around, look at what you seeeee!”
Steve and Robin: “Uhhh we see a huge freaking monster chasing us!”
Dustin: ”In her face,-

*-T H E M I R R O R O F Y O U R D R E E E E E E A A A A -“*
Ludwiczek Anderson
The most cringe scene of whole season. Awful.
my name in roblox is ifyouhatenebecausein
Rebeca Salas
This scene had my heart melting before Stranger Things decided to end my heart instead.
dj walker
Yo but that note on dreams dude
Yair Meged
Suzie's dance moves is so annoying
Βασιλης Ταζες
I thought suzie wanted to hear i love you from Dustin
Leonardo Lopes
DJ Cricket
This song at that moment of the story was just epic
Enda Gormley
It’s her fault hopper died
yaretzi avila
This will forever be my favorite scene idc 🥺❤️
The wacky Virgo
What is her real name
JAGS 214
Forget those ppl that thumbs down this vid! HATERS!
1:34 "what the fuck is happening?"
Potato :D
Fucking stupid ugly bitch IS THE REASON HOPPER IS DEAD
Dropz Bodyz
So if Susie would of just told him planks constant instead of singing hopper would be alive because they could of turned the keys before the Russian hit man showed up. However since they sang for 2 minutes he had two more minutes to get to Joyce and hopper but if they didn’t sing they could of turned of the key before the Russian hit man got to hopper and Joyce
Caden Foster
this best be on Spotify
Johnmel Halliwell
Stranger things: *makes song*
Tiktok:allow me to introduce myself
Sal D
This scene was so iconic I can’t get over it
jao ramos
I want to see suzie poo with the gang next season. Suzie and dustin sing whenever they have a chance
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Millie Bobby Brown uses The Full Dustin and Suzie NeverEnding 2 days ago   02:07

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