Anthony Davis TRADE TO LAKERS Klay Thompson Says "If I Dont 2 days ago   11:54

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T r a j a n
Yeah most definitely RB sure is changing lives for example I shared his YT channel with my cousin a few weeks ago and now he’s telling me every other day that he feels more motivated to do things than he’s ever been! Same with me I just needed that little spark of encouragement and now I’m also doing a lot better for myself. I hope RB receives many more blessings his way and for him to keep on striving for greatness🙏🏽‼️
P Jean
I love it but she ain’t no Oprah or Martha That’s real self made... a lot of them build their empire off there husbands name then get to bucking.. ijs
Santiago Macahilas
Pelicans weren't ever gonna trade him to the Lakers if he really wants to be a LAKER he can wait til his contract is up next year to become a free agent and if he says the only team he plans on playing for is the Lakers then no teams are gonna trade for him as a one year rental he can still become a LAKER he just needs to wait it out I the meantime we the Lakers will be getting another SUPERSTAR free agent this year in the off season so were gonna get better as a team
G Lyle
I’m glad as hell we didn’t make the trade. I love and wanna see him in LA as much as any Lakers fan-but for all that? Nah we’d have lost big time. And if we have all that up and didn’t lose? That means we’re horrible at finding talent. But I do hope he still ends up here cause we need something. But we can’t give up our whole team
Trevor Nissen
Just liked the video 15 times keeps un liking it everytime get a lawyer this is ridiculous someone is trying to screw you
Top quality and unbiased commentary. Much love and respect bro bro
stoneles box
International smoke has been in Houston for some time
808 Kamakazi
Keep it coming love from HAWAII 👏👏
Blake Woodcrest
Whatever, she looks like she’s pouring them female juices into Nick Nurse’s mouth lol
I dont see the Lakers dropping the ball if the Pelicans refused to trade him thats not the lakers fault
Charles Thompson
Steph curry rite now has 303 3pts made hes only played 59 games he would of broke his record this season if he played the whole year crazy
Rafy Tejada
This guy put some real work on this channel,. God bless you bro
dusty rusty
Fuk that hawks should've kept Dwight he was still good him and Collins would be nice
Hakeem Edinborough
If he wants to go back to Portland I'm not upset with that but at least get a ring in San Antonio first
Ivan Cruz
Didn’t know you was from Canada rb, that’s what’s up i want to visit cause my mom went and she loved it so much she wants to live there now but I’m a felon so I can’t 😐
Nunya Damn Bidness
Uh she opened a risky business venture with hubbys money. Hashtag strong woman. Let me know when she gets a michelin star.
Tree Cutter dave
im a little drunk but a I think yhey just renamed the facility and threw up the obo emblem ii think
Michelle Sellier
Not to the lakers but Boston get it right
Charles Dalton
The Raptors has the best assets to get Anthony Davis.
Drake's love for his team is unreal
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Klay Thompson Says "If I Dont Anthony Davis TRADE TO LAKERS 2 days ago   02:43

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