D&D Story: The Xanathar Guild (Dragon Maw of the King- An Original Dungeons and Dragons 1 day ago   09:41

Puffin Forest
This video is from when I ran Waterdeep Dragon Heist and my players trying to take down the Xanathar Guild. They ended up getting in over their heads and encountering some rather. . . peculiar NPCS, such as a clown, an insane Beholder, a very mild Mind Flayer, and a goldfish. Enjoy!

End music: "Canal 3" from the Youtube Audio Library

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Zanar Naryon
So a lv. 1 character has, on average, between 6 and 12 HP, while Mind Blast, assuming the players fail their save, deals a minimum of 8 damage. Yeah, they would be dead.
the horns are in the hair/wig
"You can take your blocktext and SHOVE IT!" That's it. The sentence and presentation. THAT is the pinacle of Puffin Forest and potentially all dnd-stories on youtube.
Gazz Maz
Sylgar is best
4:41 captions
Just got the module and reading it, thanks so much puffin!
DnD Rolero Purpura
Great Video! WOW
Nicolaj Nielsen
I love that clown :D I'd trust him any day!
Andy Zhang
I thought they were going to kill the goldfish
Ladislaus IV
Goldfish can actually live for multiple decades, they just need much bigger tanks than people think.
Regina Lopez
Can u make the apolith the funny and innocent one the mascot of ur channel
RIk Hennes
one thing that bothered me. if you take care of a goldfish they can live up to 40 years
Smooth Wild
Lol a golden fish actually can live up to 30 years in a 10 gallon tank X3 but das is fine
Cthulhu Ftagn
Whimsey’s Back
rated m
i love your xanathar voice
Evan Chapman
Gold fish have a extreamly long life span depending on what type and id the are well cared for
Ferretzim 86
That stone has Whimsy in it? good to see he's not stuck in that cave
I'm glad he is informing people about Clown World.
Ashley S.
The player at 8:43 would probably be something I'd do, to be honest. "Nope. Not going in there."
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Maw of the King- An Original Dungeons and Dragons D&D Story: The Xanathar Guild (Dragon 1 day ago   03:47

EDIT: iTUNES IS NOW WORKING! Thanks so much for your patience!! ;u;//
Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/album/0XL0eNyWUvKqfvxaxUfklS
Amazon: https://music.amazon.com/search/maw+of+the+king#
iTunes: https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/maw-of-the-king-single/1461784948?uo=4&app=itunes
Google Play: https://play.google.com/store/music/album/Cami_Cat_Maw_of_the_King?id=Bmowyfqycaz4q6noeqktc3yve3u

EDIT 4/8 : Here's a link to a reference of Danarei so that if people want to they can draw her! https://twitter.com/camicattweets/status/1104367021519712256

I'm planning to make more tracks and possibly make an album if my other tracks get as much love as this one, depending on how much crazy stuff happens in this campaign along with the ideas I already have in store

Hey hey guys!

So I'm officially in a new Dungeons and Dragons game as a tiefling bard, Danarei Milos, and that means I now have reason and purpose to make ridiculous songs about her adventures. I've started with her epic as a Folk Hero of how she managed to survive being eaten by a giant fish (I had rolled for her background and just... it seemed almost too perfect for this sassy gremlin tiefling child)
Yasahiro and Mitsuki belong to J-Popsicles: https://twitter.com/J_Popsicles

Check out these amazing people that helped make this video possible:

▼ Brodingles (the lovely artist):


Beware his maw, King of the Undertow
One who takes the strongest below
Tale of one who creates the thunder
One who took me under too

I'll tell you the story from many years ago
Before we had taken this town for our own
A fearsome monster of the ocean was lurking
Upon the shores of our home

Our crewmen would leave and they'd seldom return
And those who did told of the beast who incurred
The wrath of the gods who lived beneath the sea
The one they only called the King

No one from that city would come to our aid
As our children would suffer day after day
Our supplies would soon drain, only there for their gain
Lack of supply made for a great pay!

No longer could we wait for someone to arrive
We decided that we could no longer stand by
With the strongest of us taking the boldest of us
We'd finally take down the King!

Boom Crash! Went the raging storm
Boom Crash! As we faced down our foe,
Boom Crash! Went the tail of the beast,
But we are not easy to beat!

Boom Crash! As the battle wore on,
Boom Crash! Our men remained so strong!
Boom Crash! But as we thought we'd won,
The b-stard he breached and took one of us down.

It was darker than night, in the maw of the beast
All I could taste was my blood and the sea
But even as I knew the end was approaching
I knew he was waiting for me

You want to know what I did?
You want to know what I did?
I'll tell you what I did,
I screamed louder than lightning burned the king inside out!

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