D&D Story: The Xanathar Guild (Dragon Bunny Money by Rosemary Wells. 2 days ago   09:41

Puffin Forest
This video is from when I ran Waterdeep Dragon Heist and my players trying to take down the Xanathar Guild. They ended up getting in over their heads and encountering some rather. . . peculiar NPCS, such as a clown, an insane Beholder, a very mild Mind Flayer, and a goldfish. Enjoy!

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Matt G
Actually it's spelled clonn now
Brim Runar
Who gave them a bomb at level 1?
Luiz Falcão
That's why I love you dude. You are like the worst DM ever!
Eugene Minton
i probably would have turned the boss into a mimic ... are there any intelligent mimics' thou??? and if so how does its stats / abilities compare to the mindflare :D
The Orange guy
How when I was a kid I rekt a mind flare
The player refusing to hear the whole room be described after closing the door as soon as he saw the mindflayer actually sounds like really good role play to me. If the first thing I saw in a room made me immediately stop looking, I wouldn’t know what else was in there.
Was watching this again and I realized something. Ben? Do you hate pre-gen characters of appropriate level for the rest of the party? Did pre-gen characters of an appropriate level for the rest of the party hurt you?
Dash Stodghill
9:40 escanor, anyone?
little shy ghost
Who wouldn't love to die at the hands of a gold fish's judgment
Kevin Griffith
Could have been fun to have the players get blown away by a mind blast by the mind flayer before having them wake up back in town... but one of them is secretly dominated by the mind flayer. Maybe have the wall repaired when they get back, maybe not... but it's nice to have that little ticking time bomb in the party, especially if the player who is being dominated is trustworthy and actually okay with it.
Krista Davis
I lost my breath I was laughing so hard 😂😂😂
Multiplex 10 Cinemas
In our campaign, I tried to have the mind flayer escape through the passage to the northeast… but our party kicked his ass first. (They got suuuuuuper lucky with the saving throws.)
Nicolaj Nielsen
I love that clown
Stephen Burchell
Why is thanos on the cover
Daniel Williams
What I like about Xanathar is that you'd think he's just some character made by a weird DM. But is actually an official cannon character.
Psyche's Rose
I feel like the gold fish stuff might be based off Toxzon from Max Steel- villain who talks to his plastic gold fish that wears a bowler hat and tells the villain to kill people
The Wither's Star
Isn't the barkeep supposed to have a beard or something?
Sir Max Of Parkinglot
is it weird how i watch these and i'm a child?
"take away his horn."

you know the interrogation's heating up now.
I get a kick out of the people crying how a goldfish can live for decades. Just because a fish or two out of thousands lived that long doesn't mean that's the average life expectancy. If you do an average life expectancy, it's under a few years. It's even less if you do the mean life expectancy, because you lose that one or two who did live past 15 years. So yeah, his statement of a few years is on par.
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Bunny Money by Rosemary Wells. D&D Story: The Xanathar Guild (Dragon 2 days ago   07:16

Bunny Money by Rosemary Wells as told by Ilene Stanton for Grandma Annii. A cute story about two bunnies wanting to buy a birthday gift for their grandmother. Along the way they learn to be careful not to waste money.

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