Devil May Cry 5 Angry Review Devil May Cry 5 - All Vergil Fights Cutscenes 2 days ago   28:33

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AJ & OJ are extremely excited Capcom is returning to the original DMC timeline and continuing the legendary franchises story! How does it stack up after all this time? Find out!
*Disclaimer* AngryJoe is working w/ Publisher of DMC5 Capcom on a separate project Street Fighter: The Miniatures Game found Here: - This review however is a fully independent Review, no review copy or discussions were had regarding DMC5!
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Dominick Tripoli
Blood on the dance floor has me crying in laughter
Daniel Alvarez
No one wants your shitty T-shirt
i Don't think it needed another section to break up the combat. It stuck to what its biggest strength is and did it. When I replay the game to get S ranks I want to be whooping guys asses not solving a puzzle. You could argue It had few character interactions, and I can agree with you there, but I wouldnt put a mode that lets you walk around and talk to them
Creations Maxo
The boss gauntlet is a signature of the Devil May Cry series. In the first game, you beat each bosses 3 times. In the 2nd game, you beat some 2 times. In the 3rd game, you beat some 1 time , some 2 times and some reappear as regular stronger enemies. In the 4th game, you beat some 2 times. (Let's skip DMC shall we?)
Buy Orbs?? Yarrrr Right!!
RE2 Remake and DMC5 are amazing. Now give me my goddamn Megaman Legends 3, Capcom! It's been 8 years since you cancelled the original version. Bring it back and finish it.
Is that freaking Shroud ? 14:25
Wow! This game looks horrible. Where's Kat? Where's Vergil? Why is Dante wearing a white wig? I remembered that they joked about that in the prequel but did they really make it a default hair here?!? He looks like an anime ladyboy! This V character looks fruitier than Liberace. Prequel had awesome agro-industrial music and this has anime music with girl vocals. Yuk! Why all the soyboi crap? Different developer? Did they want it more "diverse" and more anime? DmC was such an awesome game. Why mess with it?!? Hopefully, this will sell like crap and they make the next one a true sequel!
Bandit 37
DMC was great on its own
Chris Gibbs
I feel like Joe doesn't get that DmC was meant to be more of a spinoff, yes everyone calls it a reboot but Capcom had no intention of dropping the original franchise and story for that game
So, Dante is a pedophile ? 😏
Damn, whenever I've glanced at Ex Provocation I always thought it was 300,000. 3,000,000 is ridiculous as is the monetization cost of red orbs. Oh well, I still love the game and think it's the pinnacle of the series at this point, they gave fans pretty much everything they could want and the production values are great.
True RomanticMind87
Cody Buland
First things first, This game hands down is the best game of the year so far.
But, I'll be the first hater to the party.
Everyone is ranting about Dante and how much new stuff he has and how you can do so much more combos with him now and you can fluently change styles on the go while also changing your weapons. Like, that hasnt already literally been done before.
Guess people didnt own a ps3 with Devil May Cry 4.
Dante plays LITERALLY exactly the same.....
MY BOY joegee_cuevas_25
Connor Calder
There is always a boss gauntlet in Devil May Cry its tradition at this point. It would kind of break the pacing if you were playing in true Co-op and had to wait for your teammate to reach the boss so you can fight it together, plus would limit the stylistic aspect and damage the flowing combat as both people would be fighting over the same demons so it would throw you off rhythm.
Robert Cojocaru
Hey about Dante gamplay there is a DMC guy named donguri990 he has MAD moves just check him out
sharafatul alam
Shesh you are heck of a terrible.
they dont know the real function of sweet surrender
Jeremy Madison
Sekiro Shadows Die Twice and Devil May Cry 5 has restored single player games as a must and Outward will cement co-op gaming forever.
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Devil May Cry 5 - All Vergil Fights Cutscenes Devil May Cry 5 Angry Review 2 days ago   32:05

Devil May Cry 5 - Vergil All Fights Cutscenes Movie + Final Boss Battle (Vergil Vs. Dante Fights) DMC 5

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