Devil May Cry 5 Angry Review The Female DSP IS BACK & More Toxic 1 day ago   28:33

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AJ & OJ are extremely excited Capcom is returning to the original DMC timeline and continuing the legendary franchises story! How does it stack up after all this time? Find out!
*Disclaimer* AngryJoe is working w/ Publisher of DMC5 Capcom on a separate project Street Fighter: The Miniatures Game found Here: - This review however is a fully independent Review, no review copy or discussions were had regarding DMC5!
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Please! Capcom do Dragons Dogma 2 next
What type if jacket are you wearing?
Binary Ninja's POV
I found it boring, the gameplay sucks in comparison to previous DMC games.
Consequence No. 62
V is such an edgy character, that's why I think he was amazing while he lasted. Hope to see him again in DMC6
jeype villarubia
. I always watch joes review . Before buying games.
Fleeky Robinson
That little “mmhm” when he’s twirling the nunchucks 😍
Just finished it myself. Fucking 11/10!!!
Baby T Rex
I was hoping that this game comes out bad so I can hear Joe bitch about it
the game is good but i still think the DmC remake is a good game also . fight me , been playing devil may cry 1-3(ps1) and 4(PC) but the hate gets about the DmC remake is ridiculous .
What did Angry Joe and Other Joe drank at the end of the video?
Jesse Garduque
Joe was wasted asf while playing this game 😂😂
Ali Khalid
It is toooooo repetitive
Paw Zyl
It’s shit
Just do et
What happened to Joe? I mean him encouraging dlc stuff I thought he had his way of saying "It should be on the fucking disc !". Guess it's because of his behind the scene deal with Capcom and the board game project....
I never got the hate for the reboot, i'm with TotalBiscuit and Jim Sterling on that one, stupid whiny DMC fanboys.
Turry Gladpa
sold out
Reviving using gold orbs has always been in the game, since 2001. You should be punished when you die, and get a second or third chance when you do well enough to have gold orbs. Plus they give one for free everyday, which is new to the series and rather generous when compared to older games. The reviving with red orbs thing is a bit scummy, but I can understand it given that you can buy them now. As a veteran player I always have ample red orbs way too fast anyway. Thank you Faust Hat. Also great review, you do this game justice Joe.
Travis Bass
I feel the hate on DMC Devil May Cry at the beginning of the review is unnecessary and personally I liked the reboot of the game series more than the original.
OMG the V sections are so fucking booooooring, mashing X and triangle simultaniously without any resemblance of tactics or skill resulting in SS rank is unsatisfying and a snoozefest!!!
Furthermore, the panther demon is utterly inaccurate and frustrating.
Its a total crapshoot if its gonna hit what i´m targeting.
Remy LaBeaux
Don’t forget that there’s a secret ending in the prologue and mission 8
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The Female DSP IS BACK & More Toxic Devil May Cry 5 Angry Review 1 day ago   23:46

Bunny well on her way to surpassing DSP in 2019
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