Crazy CVS Extreme couponing ! Easy Couponing Stockpile Room 2 days ago   22:20

one cute couponer
I decided to go to CVS(shocker!), & see if any deals would pop out at me. Then the fun happened!

DEAL ENDS 3/16/19

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Where do I get my coupons from ?

💖To order Pre clipped coupons
Use code:CUTE for 20% off

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my city is super windy today, for some reason i got $14 back instead of just the $10
WELL... when i went to load my car i opened my trunk to attempt to get all this detergent in the car... and my receipt with the $10 extrabucks flew away!! along with some of my cash...
I started chasin my receipt and money,( it was super windy) and before i could chase my stuff down i look back at my cart and its flying down the parking lot, had to do a COMPLETE U TURN!! Good news, i got the cart back, BAD NEWS i lost my $10 receipt ! Such a bitter sweet day!! lmao!
Belinda Williams
Your camera man is great.
Excited about what? xtra is not even a good quality detergent. Quantity over quality.
Kay Pierre
But once you factor in the gas and time 😩
Dolores Of Course
Why was that 4th CVS using a Big Lots cart to stock their Xtra detergent?! Whaaaat?
D. Levy
guess what they restock....SO you had to spend $30. to get ten back....What is the point.
Extra bucks are coupons there not money😂😂
guadalupe Mora
I what to learn how to do cupes
julio mendoza
I am only 1:31 in and I am living, girl I do the same thing all the time just cruising through Walgreens and CVS, but yes grab that air girl!
Tee Marie Babs family
I am here and a new friend sent from Nene eats. Come on over so we can stay connected.
Gayle Skelton
Cassie Gasta
You’re the cutest omg 💕 I’m only 19 but your videos are so inspiring tbh. I live with my boyfriend and his two brothers and we all share rent for our own house but your videos save us so much money I’ve learned so much from you 💕💕
Karen McMillen
See it pays to be kind and the staff told you alot of info your the sweetest couponer and thank you for sharing with all of us. I love you!!!
Ashley champ
Girl id take whatever. Early bird gets the worm...🐦
Angel Russell
They get a truck every Thursday
Angel Russell
I got a raincheck on 12 bottles.
Excellent Score at $.67 per bottle.
Sunshine Devela
The lady @ 4:45 quick death stare cracked me up lol love you girl btw love it when you get gangsta #OCCG
snip it with triplets
They always have more in back. I take what I want. No one else is gonna leave me any.
Duckie Doo
Hi...amazing job! How did you find out that they were on sale? I didn't see them in the flyer. TIA! :)
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Couponing Stockpile Room Crazy CVS Extreme couponing ! Easy 2 days ago   02:07

My husband just built me not just the shelves but the entire room! I am so thankful to him and so excited!!! I obviously need to get to the store to fill that empty space.... lol. Thanks for watching and don't forget to subscribe! Happy Couponing!
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