Lisa Van Allen Speaks Out On 'Surviving Lord Jamar on R. Kelly's "Cult": 1 day ago   24:20

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HillbillyNitro USA
She forgot to mention the 250k her and a couple dudes made off of R Kelly for some tape they stole from him and threatened to leak it to media. She said she walked away with 100k out of that ransom deal in a Vlad interview... Wonder why she left that out...? Why take money ($100k) for a piece of evidence that could expose someone she says is supposedly a sexual predator?
Davin Lewis
Shanta W
Herpes is not contagious at all times. It is contagious about 24 hours before you have a breakout and during the breakout. But in between it is not able to be passed to another person. Also some people have Herpes and never have an outbreak.
20:53 CTG don't be so ignorant right now, it is not illegal to have things or fingers penetrate you anally if that's what you want. So why is it that we specifically need THOSE VIDEOS? I hope you're just being silly.
evolutionary transgression
20:18 was r kelly into young boys?
shawanda brown
She mentioned the 14 year-old in the videos name
Banita Marie
I think the music sales going up is because of people going back and re-listening and trying to put the pieces together after all this coming out to see if there's a connection.
Nikki Lynn
Thank you so much for speaking your truth, sweetie! Anyone on here that's running their mouths, need to feel ashamed of themselves. Trying to discredit you and all the other victims, says way more about the person saying these things than the mess they're attempting to put out there bout y'all!! Always know that. What these dumb asses fail to realize is that you all were essentially children when these things happened. Just because y'all had the body's of adult women, it doesn't mean your minds and maturity levels were grown as well. With time, comes maturity and wisdom. No one is as naive as they were at the age of 14. Ppl need to remember that! Fear would have kept me silent. And so would manipulation. Something he was and appears to STILL be a master at. Again, I'm so proud of you for speaking your truth. Keep it up and dont for a second, let these dogs on here make you feel like you need to be quiet. That's their only goal. To silence you. You ARE inspiring strength and courage in all of us. So thank you!! A million times over, THANK YOU.
Why is she even relevant? Her situation does not help prove the narrative of him being a pedophile. She was a whole entire grown female
john D
my inside sources told me that Rkelly does not go by this name anymore. he goes by F Kelly.
another source said he fucked smollet too.
Likomang Moeketsi
I feel so angry about this, Lisa lived with forster parents...i feel like giving her a big hug and protect her....she is so strong
Robert Hawes
I don't comment much but this was a good video!
Stefan Moultrie
She gotta whole lot of nerve talking about the black community. Did she and any other dysfunctional young black girl ever think about how their mess and baggage and STUPID relationships AFFECT the black community? Do you ever think about the next black man that you're gonna get involved with that's gonna have to "fix" you from being broken? Black women always bitchin about nobody care about them when THEY don't care about nobody. She got $100,000 for returning the tape so she's no victim.
Seneca Chatmon
why do you wanna see that Charlamagne
Thanks for sharing!
FloridaGal Mitchell
That lady who they black out in the documentary is the same lady who recorded Joycelyn her sound recording instructor. TashaK put that video out. That was a lady.
Grace Johnson
Lisa lies all the time shes a theif she had a baby and still come back and ask rkelly if she can live with him again he took her back so she had to do anything he ask of her she did not have a three some she lied she saw one of rkelly women driving aroun d with a car and she got jealous and went and say rkelly has a cult and start to bring up all sorts of allegations against rkelly she stole rkelly diamond watch that's why he did not love her no more so she left and spread rumors
Chris Bell
Some women have been violated in history. But the majority that come back 30 years later are just cowardly girlfriends that needs some money.. There is some money somewhere from these women. I am sure they did not talk about Tay Tay that fucked them behind the trash can back when they was in 10th grade and he was 19. We will never know because Tay Tay is working in a PetsMart and she cant really do her hair off 9 dollars an hour lawsuit. But good ol R Kellz. Lets hammer him
Chris Bell
When R. Kelly said the power of the internet and someone can find dirt on you he is telling the truth. You can find out anything from a celeb past or anyone famous. I am sure you can find dirt on Kanye West. I believe probably a small majority of women. Because you can not tell me that you get violated and dont do anything about it. If R. Kelly violated me. All I have to do is go online. There has been rape hotlines and doctors and police and all types of help out there. For these women to have sex. Wake up not tell nobody. Go back to sleep then go to another party and not tell nobody. Then wake up 20 years and say they didnt want to do it and felt violated. COME ONNNNNNNNNN man. Put your finger on me and someone is going to find out that they finger might not come back. Something. Can you tell us something that is true ladies. Like can you keep get a piece of his hair or take a photo of his bedroom while you 14. 3 year olds have phones nowadays.
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Lord Jamar on R. Kelly's "Cult": Lisa Van Allen Speaks Out On 'Surviving 1 day ago   13:50


VladTV provocateur Lord Jamar is back to talk about the latest pop culture controversies, and here he takes on the allegations that R. Kelly has cultivated a "sex cult." "R. Kelly is just a freak," Jamar says, "Let's not act like we haven't [been hearing] the stories for years." But as always with Jamar, it's never that simple: "If he got any white girls in the cult, you better forget about it," he says. "If they all black or Mexican, he's good...This is America baby."

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