Blippi Car Wash | Truck Videos Explore Machines with Blippi 2 days ago   10:54

Blippi washes a truck at the car wash. This truck video for children is a video by Blippi. Join Blippi and his ketchup, mustard, and flour at car wash and see how you can make chores fun! Watch more Blippi videos like this Blippi truck wash at

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Explore Machines with Blippi Blippi Car Wash | Truck Videos 2 days ago   1:05:14

If your child loves learning with Blippi as well as machines like Garbage Trucks then your toddler will enjoy this 1 hour long Blippi compilation. Watch more educational videos for toddlers with a Blippi video playlist at

The Blippi episodes in this compilation are:
Explore a Garbage Truck
Explore a Helicopter
Explore a Fire Truck
Explore a Tractor
Explore a Backhoe
Explore a Monster Truck

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